You didn't mean to become that crazy dog person; it just happened. One look into those big, brown eyes and you were in love. If you relate to any of these 15 signs, there's a big chance you like your dog more than you like people.

1. You've dodged plans just to hang out with your dog.

2. And when you do go out to party, all you can think of is your furry friend.

3. This is pretty much your routine every single time you come home.

4. You have way more pictures on Facebook of your pupper than of your significant other.

5. You get super annoyed when your bae is taking up too much of the bed.

6. But you'll happily sleep in the most awkward positions known to man if your dog needs to spread out.

7. You're terrible at remembering friends' birthdays and anniversaries, but you always remember your dog's.

8. When people get hurt in movies, you're like...

9. But when a dog gets hurt in a movie...

10. You don't share food with ANYONE...

11. ...except your dog, of course.

12. If your friend doesn't like your dog...

13. You've FaceTimed with your pup before.

14. You're happiest when your dog is asleep in your lap.

15. You wouldn't trade your furry, four-legged best friend for the world.