There are two types of people in this world, coffee lovers, and losers. I’m kidding, but seriously, us coffee lovers are a special breed of people, and there are certain qualities that we have that set us apart.

1. You spend way too much time on the grocery store coffee aisle.

Many hours of your life have been spent pondering which type of coffee you are going to purchase this time. Are you going to stick with your favorite or will you try something new?

2. The way you fix your coffee is very precise.

Fixing the perfect cup of coffee is like a ritual. You have perfected the ratio of coffee to cream and you consider your coffee making skill one of your greatest qualities.

3. However, milk and sugar are optional.

Don’t get me wrong, we love a good latte but sometimes you just need a cup of plain black coffee.

4. You are immune to caffeine.

Getting up in the morning is a struggle with out a cup of coffee, but it's not about the caffeine. To be honest, it would probably take a ridiculous amount of coffee to hype us up. So you can find us drinking a cup in the morning to help wake us up, or later in the evening to wind us down.

5. You have a large collection of coffee mugs.

There is no such thing as too many coffee mugs. Tall ones, short ones, red ones, blue ones, if you see a mug unlike one in your collection it is hard not to get it. They clutter your cabinets and counter tops and probably your desk and night stand.

6. But you definitely have a favorite.

No matter how many mugs you may have acquired, there will always be one that you gravitate to. The way it fits in your hands and the number of cups of coffee you have shared bring about a special bond.

7. You know where all the coffee shops in your area are.

Sometimes Starbucks just doesn’t cut it. You have scouted out all the coffee shops around you and just like your mug collection, you may like them all but you definitely have your favorite.

8. You consider coffee a food group.

“Amy, did you eat breakfast?”

"Of course I did! I drink a cup of coffee every morning."

9. You always carry ibuprofen.

Because in rare cases when you have been deprived of coffee for several hours you have to have something to help fight those headaches.

10. The smell of coffee excites you.

When the coffee starts to brew you can smell it from across the room and you have to control yourself.

11. Your personality directly affects the amount of coffee you have consumed.

The amount of coffee you have had in a day determines how productive you will be. People will notice this and confront you, don’t listen to them, they probably haven’t had enough coffee yet.

12. You have a specific temperature you like to drink your coffee at.

If its supposed to be hot it needs to be consumed as soon as it becomes non-harmful to drink. Finding this perfect temperature can be quite dangerous and until mastered usually results in a burnt tongue. On the other hand, cold coffee needs to be cold but has to be finished before it gets watered down… tragic.

13. You have specific times in your schedule devoted to coffee runs.

Right after work or class you know what time it is, coffee time. You have got the perfect route down to your favorite coffee spot, and it is pretty much the only thing getting you through the day.

14. The perfect gift for you is coffee.

When someone really gets you they know to get you coffee. Knowing your perfect coffee order can be quite complicated, but for the coffee lover any coffee is better than none at all.

15. You never say no to coffee.

Anywhere, anytime, any day, you are always down for getting a cup of coffee.