15 Signs Tina Belcher Is Your Spirit Animal

Before I caved into watching "Bob's Burgers" my friend informed me that Tina Belcher reminded him of me. After the first episode or two, I was slightly embarrassed that this gal made me come to mind. However, between her fiesty spirit, awkwardness, and quirky personality I quickly realized I am more than happy to claim her as my spirit animal after all.

She may be yours too if...

1. Your self-confidence is on point when it comes to boys.

2. You still appreciate slumber parties.... and cool pajamas.

3. You're a bad chick and your friends know it too.

4. You aren't afraid to be spicy.

5. Although sometimes you may get a bit too spicy.

6. You appreciate the finer things in life.

7. You're dedicated and loyal in your relationships.

8. You're fairly in touch with your heart.

9. You don't mind letting others know when you're feeling down

10. You can accept the things you can't control.

11. You may be a "tad" sassy.

12. You freeze up in moments of crisis.

13. Deep thoughts keep you awake at night.

14. You don't let boys control your self esteem.

15. And at the end of the day, you know exactly who you are.

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