If there is a group of people that you spend time with, whether you want to or not, it’s your roommates. They are there night or day whenever you need them. Honestly, you guys probably spend too much time together. There aren’t really any boundaries left with them, because let's be honest, we’ve crossed them all. At this point you guys are basically dating and it is what it is because you all know you aren’t going to change your ways.

    1. You’ve received a text asking to cuddle more than once. Whether you or they are having a bad day it doesn’t matter, cuddling is just an everyday part of life at this point.

    2. “Hey, pretend we are dating, this guy is creeping me out.”

    3. Dinner dates are a very often thing.

    4. Knocking isn’t a thing so there have been many close calls with seeing waaaaay too much. Not that it would actually stop you from going in the room anyways.

    5. There really isn’t any boundaries on what you share. You have no shame telling every gory detail of what happened over the weekend or even asking embarrassing questions.

    6. “Can you look at my butt and tell me if this is a rash?”

    7. “Hey, can you help me tape my boobs?”

    8. You’ve without a doubt asked them to check out your butt more than once and you’ve checked out theirs.

    9. You basically have your own secret language. “Should I wear my butt jeans?” “No not that Kyle, like Kyle Kyle.” “Can I borrow your shirt that makes my boobs look nice?”

    10. You let them make a lot of decisions for you. “Is this guy cute?” “Should I text him back?” What color should I paint my nails?” “Do I go out tonight or study?”

    11. They are always there through all of your bad decisions.

    12. They honestly might know you better than you significant other.

    13. “Can we just stay in tonight and watch movies?”

    14. You’ve probably ended more than one phone call with “okay, love you.”

    15. They are involved in just about every aspect of your life and you wouldn’t want it any other way.