15 Reasons Why I'm a Basic White Girl And I Like It
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15 Reasons Why I'm a Basic White Girl And I Like It

15 Reasons Why I'm a Basic White Girl And I Like It

1. You love Starbucks.

I'm not going to deny that having Starbucks in my day makes it a whole lot better. That Passion Tea Lemonade with raspberry sweetener is my shizz. Not to mention I have Instagrammed a picture of my Starbucks cup … oops.


2. You thought through your Halloween costume months in advance.

Don’t deny that you didn’t do this. Halloween comes to mind and instantly you start thinking of what the heck you’re going to be for Halloween. Planning a group costume with your sorority sisters or dressing up like a “frat star"?

3. You worship Beyoncé.

The one, the only, Beyoncé. I have a whole Spotify playlist dedicated to those times where only Beyoncé herself can brighten my day. The Queen B has arrived.


4. You say “literally can’t even”.

I can’t lie and say I don’t say this multiple times a day, but sometimes I literally can’t even. College just does that to you, days where you can’t get to class or work on that English paper, I literally can’t even.

5. You love the dance songs that play at frat parties.

Again, I have a whole Spotify playlist of frat party songs that I listen to. I get overly excited when "Anaconda" or "Uptown Funk" comes on the radio.

6. You are a leggings connoisseur.

Leggings are indeed pants. My favorite kind of pants actually. You can wear them casually, going out and professionally. What did I wear every day before they were invented?! These comfy pants save me some days.

7. You are able to quote Mean Girls.

“She asked me how to spell orange …”. This movie never gets old. Whatever mood I am in Mean Girls is the perfect movie to watch. I can recite the whole movie before the lines are said and I am proud of it! “Get in loser we’re going shopping.”

8. You own UGGs or Hunter Boots.

I don’t go outside in the winter without my UGG boots. They keep me warm all while making it look like I tried a little for class, right? No? Okay ...

9. You love being tan.

I absolutely love having a little tan or a lot of tan. When the winter comes it kills me not to have that summer glow that we all have when we first come to school. Summer where are you?

10. You love pumpkin spice flavored things.

BUT WHO DOESN’T?. Pumpkin spice flavored things are delicious; there is no shame when I order a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino from Starbucks. When fall comes around and there are pumpkin spice flavored foods EVERYWHERE, that is my heaven.

11. Your iPhone is your baby.

Me, myself, and my iPhone. I center my life around my phone, it keeps my pictures, schedule, social media and every other aspect of my life in that little, beautiful, shiny object I call my BFF.

12. You own seasonal candles.

Even though my dorm doesn’t allow candles, I have plenty of Scentsy Cubes for every season of the year. Who doesn’t like their room to smell like Pumpkin Pie or Fresh Tulips? I just can’t walk past Bath and Body Works without stopping in.

13. You have a Pinterest for every aspect of your life.

How do people plan the rest of their lives without Pinterest? How would we get all of our sorority craft ideas? And don’t even get me started on planning your wedding without a Pinterest! I am nowhere near getting married, having kids or a house but I have everything planned out on that handy dandy app on my phone.

14. You have Instagrammed a picture of fall leaves before.

I don’t know about anyone else’s campus but Iowa State in the fall, WOW. You can’t walk past the Campanile without taking a picture to post on just about every social media website.

15. You know you talk about Netflix too much.

I’ve watched an embarrassing amount of Netflix shows and I’m not ashamed of it. It truly is a hobby! From shows like How I Met Your Mother (my all time favorite) to Prison Break (also one of my favorites.) I can admit that a lot of my conversations start off with what we’re watching on Netflix or what we need to watch.

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