15 Reasons Why Concert Season Is The Best Season
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15 Reasons Why Concert Season Is The Best Season

When did going to "too many" concerts become a bad thing?

15 Reasons Why Concert Season Is The Best Season
Jamie Rowe

As a diehard fan of a lot of different bands, singers, pop groups, and musicians in general, concert season really does not have an official "start" and "end" date. But, as the summer approaches, more bands do tend to go out and put on a tour. Whether there are actual assigned seats or the concert is general admission, it seems in these days people line up hours, sometimes days, before the concert begins. Having experienced this lining up way ahead of time myself, I know exactly what makes this "season" so magical and worth the hours upon hours upon (possibly) days of waiting for just two hours of entertainment. If you've never experienced concert season fully, here's what makes it so addicting:

1. The rush of when tickets go on sale

It's one of the most terrifying feelings in the world as the seconds tick down to hit the time tickets go on sale. You refresh your browser every waking second, because what if you don't get the tickets? As soon as the clock strikes 10AM (the normal ticket sale time) you're off to the races at a pace so fast, Jim Carrey would be impressed. And the victory of getting tickets 2 seconds before they sell out? There's no better accomplishment.

2. The planning that goes behind one single concert

It's more than anyone can expect. You have to plan so many things like who you'll be going with, what time you'll be going to the venue, if you're traveling; what time are you leaving? What food will you be eating? Are you going to try and meet the band/artist somehow? How are you going to do that? Are you going to Snapchat the entire concert or save your 200+ Snapchat followers from skipping over your story for an eternity? What are you going to do when you and your favorite band member make eye contact? No matter what you decide, there is a lot to decide and no little detail can be left behind.

3. Getting to go with your friends or meeting new friends at the concert

This has always been one of my most favorite aspects of concerts. If I'm not already going to a concert with my best friend, I have met some of my closest friends from the concerts I've been to. Concerts are a place where you can leave behind every problem out in the real world and just let loose and be yourself. It's where you find people who have at least one common interest with you (that specific music, duh) and you create a bond that can be utterly magical due to the experience. I owe a lot of my friendships to the concerts I've gone to, and they're always friendships that are unlike any other.

4. Picking out the perfect concert outfit

Outfits shouldn't matter that much, you're just there to enjoy the music! But they always have and always will. Concert outfits are a form of expression, they give a peek at your personality. Whether you're bold and daring or cute and flirty, they show off who you are aside from the music and they're great conversation starters with strangers. I can not tell you the number of times I have complimented people's outfits and started a whole conversation based off of them. Plus, when you find the concert outfit that makes you feel good and confident, it just makes you enjoy yourself that much more at a concert. I don't know the science behind it, but it works every time.

5. Some of the trips involved with seeing specific shows

Let's be real, we don't all live in New York City, or LA, or Florida, or any other popular place that many artists tour to. Some of us live in areas where artists just do not tour. And that's fine, but because of that, there will be travel. The farthest I have ever gone for a show is traveling from Rochester, New York to Raleigh, North Carolina by plane (shout out to The 1975 for that concert!), but usually, my travels are four hours away or less and are completed by car or, sometimes, train. I've met people who have traveled from other countries to come to the states to see some of their favorite artists. It's insane, but it's all apart of the grand scheme of things. We travel because we love these artists, we want to see them at any cost. And not only that but the memories that come with the travels and all of the crazy stories that come out of it as well make the concert that much better. Because who doesn't love missing half of a concert because of delayed train rides or seeing Niagara Falls right after seeing their favorite artist? Some of my best memories and stories come from the travels that happened before and after. And who doesn't love a good travel playlist to jam out to pre and post show?

6. Camping out at a general admission show hours before and living off of granola bars and the friendliness of the people crazy enough to be doing the same thing as you

General admission means just that: general admission. So basically, first come first serve standing. And if you love the band enough, you'll want to get as close to them as possible. Depending on the popularity of the band, or your willingness to shove and maneuver throw a big crowd, you may not have to get there too early, but with some? You'll have to camp out for days. You may read this and think I'm crazy, and maybe you're right, but when music is that important to you and you love a band enough, getting front row by camping out and eating only store bought processed snacks and sitting on the ground in any to all types of weather makes it all worth it. I've camped out a few times, the longest was for 13 hours for The 1975 on a hot, hot June day (I would do and have done pretty much anything for this band). Because of that, not only was I front row just slightly off center stage, but I met and bonded with people and we watched out for each other, all pitched in and ordered a pizza, ended up on some minuscule documentary, and just created a fun atmosphere that made the time fly. Camping out might be crazy, but it's sure as hell an amazing and fun experience if you truly love music.

7. Getting to experience new music with the opening acts

Chances are you don't know the opening act and that's why they're the opening act. Sometimes, you just don't like the opening acts, and that's fine. But, sometimes there are those opening acts you want more of and you can't believe you haven't heard of them before. This has happened to me many times and it's a great feeling to just be able to hear new music you haven't heard before and branch out your musical knowledge. Fifth Harmony was once Demi Lovato's opening act, One Direction opened for Big Time Rush and 5 Seconds of Summer opened for One Direction, and now? All of these groups are off with their own big and successful careers (whether it still be together as a group or... not. #BringBack1D).

8. Being surrounded by people who love the same music as you

I've kind of already mentioned this one by saying you find friends this way, but you're not going to make friends with every single concert attendee. Trust me, I've tried. But there's still something so special and so magical about being under the same roof (or in the same outdoor venue) as not only your favorite artist, but with hundreds or thousands of people who love said artist too. You can turn to a stranger when the guitar man does that crazy riff and scream about it, or when the lead singer does a note change that you've never heard before, you can get excited and scream it out with someone around you who you have never talked to before. To me, it's just amazing to be able to share knowledge on an artist with complete strangers and understand completely.

9. The heart-beating-out-of-your-chest moment right before a band comes on

There are times when there is agonizing pain, and then there's waiting for the band/singer/group to come on stage. There is nothing worse, nothing more tension building than a dark stage waiting for it to be filled with performers... Especially when there is an introductory video. Because you know somewhere within the pre-recorded bits about touring and about the show you are about to experience, that those sneaky band members/singers/performers are slowly slithering themselves onto the stage or setting themselves up to come out as you're distracted by screen. You crane your neck and try to sneak a peak or two, but you have to wait because.. damn, they're really hiding until they have to come out.

10. When they finally come on and you realize that they're real

It's in moments like this that life just doesn't feel real. Yes, artists are humans too, but there's just something so special about someone who can create forms of art that touch the hearts of millions. And in the first few moments of a concert, when they're out there in front of you for the first time, it's unlike any other feeling. These people are the ones who have created the song that you have memorized like the back of your hand, who wrote the song you cried to after your first real heartbreak, who made the lyric you loved so much that you have it tattooed into your skin. It's in the first few moments of seeing them on that concert stage that you realize these songs, these lyrics, aren't just robotically and artificially made, but created by real humans with feelings and emotions and experiences just like yours.

11. Hearing that first note played/sung

Just like seeing the artists on the stage for the first time, the transition between the crowd's screams and that first note hitting the buzzing ambiance of the venue sends chills down my spine. The roaring of the bass, the first few hits of the drum, the singer's voice echoing through whatever empty space it can fill. When the music comes alive and the crowd goes wild, that's one of the most peaceful chaos' I have ever experienced.

12. Listening to your favorite song(s)... LIVE

Your favorite songs are your favorite songs for a reason. Maybe it got you through a rough time, maybe you're obsessed with the beat, maybe there's that one lyric that burns a fire in your soul, or maybe it's just a good song. Whatever your explanation, there is no bigger high than hearing your favorite song played live. I'm a big fan of blasting my music whether it be in my car, through my headphones or on a Bluetooth speaker. But even then, nothing compares not only to the loudness produced at a concert, but the quality of a song when it performed live. You can hear the singer's passion, see the hard work that goes into playing the instruments, and just enjoy the song in a different way. Hearing a song live will always be better than the studio recording.

13. Stopping to look around during a slow song and seeing a sea of beautiful phone lights brightening up the room

Looking up at the stars on a beautiful clear night pales in comparison to the beauty that is the sea of lights you ultimately are apart of. Stars are beautiful, of course, but there is something about turning around and seeing phones lit up with their flashlights waving side to side. Sure, they're not lighters and sure, we're taking a very "millennial" approach to it, but it doesn't ruin the beauty of the moment. In that moment, those phone lights aren't phones. They're a symbol of support, of togetherness, of unity. When you turn on that flashlight and shoot your hand into the air you become a wave in a sea of thousands, and all together you become the inspiration that music is made from.

14. Being able to see the passion and love the artist has for performing

Being a performer myself, it can be very scary going on a stage and letting yourself get vulnerable. It takes a lot of courage and faith in yourself to strip down and show your innermost self to any crowd no matter the size. When I, as a fan in the crowd, see a performer smiling, laughing, goofing around, being real with who they are, and performing with that twinkle in their eyes, it makes me appreciate them so much more. Here they are, not only performing their music for their fans and adorers, but they go the extra mile and put their heart and soul into the performances as well every single night. It's such a gift as a performer and a fan to watch the people who inspire you to do something for the public eye and love it with every ounce they can.

15. Listening to songs being played and realizing everybody in that room has a different reason for singing it back

It's crazy to think, but not every person thinks like you. When you're at a concert and you hear that one song that makes you think back to the summer when you took a long drive with your best friend, that is not the same memory the person next to you is sharing. Everyone has their own story, their own connection to the music that you yourself connect with. And this is my absolute favorite thing about concerts. No matter what, everyone has their own background. Everyone loves the artist for different reasons, everyone was exposed to the artist differently, and everyone hears songs differently with different scenarios painted in their mind. It blows me away that a simple song to me can mean so much to someone else who shares a memory with the song, and that is the beauty of music. Music is the feelings and memories that cannot simply be expressed in words alone, and that's so beautiful to watch it all come together under one roof even if only for one night.

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