For centuries, math has been a man's world, but the reality is, math is definitely a woman. Have you seen Hidden Figures? You can't watch these powerful women take over NASA without experiencing math's femininity. Here are 15 more reasons math is female.

1. She seems very complex but the more work you put in, the more you understand her.

2. She is the mother of everything from music to physics to chemistry.

3. She is made up of irrational parts but as you look deeper you find that even the irrational parts can be understood through an equation.

4. We are told all our lives that women can't get along with other women but actually, women really identify with the structure and organization found in her.

5. She is always there to fall back on.

6. There are hundreds of different kinds of women that all have their own personality and style but they all start with the same strong core.

7. The more you fight her, the worse it gets.

8. You do things her way or you don't do them at all.

9. Once you see her beauty you can never unsee her in every part of life.

10. Young boys show they like her by picking on her but by the time they get to college the truth about their love comes out.11. We never take math seriously as we look for the one we're going to spend our lives with (our major) until we realize she's been the one the whole time.

12. Her beauty is found in nature, she embodies the golden ratio.

13. You can dress her up and take her out but she will always be herself.

14. As children, we see her as intimidating but as we get older we find comfort in her stability.

15. When you are lost in a problem you can always go back to her to find your way.