15 Reasons Your Dog Is Your Best Friend
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15 Reasons Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

Happiness begins with a wet nose and ends with a long tail.

15 Reasons Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

There is no better friend than your dog. You can always count on that stinky furball to cheer you up, keep you company, and never judge you. The loyalest friend around, your dog never fails you.

To all the dogs out there, here's why you're the best friend we'll ever have:

1. You always bring your A-game when it comes to playing games. Whether it's the frisbee, a stick, or a beat up ball, you always are ready to bring the heat.

2. No matter how lonely your day may have been, you are always ready to greet me with a smile and wagging tale. You put my needs above yours.

3. You read my moods better than any human I know. Even better than that, you know exactly how to cheer me up.

4. You are always down for a road trip, and you think I sound just as good as Ellie Goulding.

5. You never judge me for midnight snacks, no matter how frequent they are.

6. You're an encourager because you go for runs with me, and don't mind when I have to slow down a little bit. You're there with me, no matter the pace.

7. You're my own personal alarm clock, waking me up in the morning with kisses.

8. You respect my space. You understand when I need to be alone for a little bit, and don't mind my weird introverted self.

9. You never care what I look like. You've seen me in sweats and no bra, and you've seen the process it takes to get ready before a night out. You couldn't care less.

10. You don't judge me when I drop something on my toe and scream profanity at the top of my lungs.

11. You let me protect you when there is a scary storm or the roommate decides she wants to clean. Stupid vacuums.

12. You never get tired of cuddling. That's more than I can say about any boy.

13. You never cancel plans on me, and you're always there when I need you.

14. You don't get mad when I forget your birthday, and you don't care how cheap your presents are. An old sock is just as good as a $15 squeaky toy from Petsmart.

15. You're patient when I want to dress you up, or give you a silly Halloween costume, or put bows on your ears, or try to paint your nails. You don't care; you're down for new things.

Thank you for being the most loyal friend.

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