15 Reasons Why Denise Huxtable Is A Fashion Icon

15 Reasons Why Denise Huxtable Is A Fashion Icon

Her fashion sense is out of this world

There are only certain people who can work a certain sense of style. Not everyone can rock a bald head, neon lipstick, a certain hairdo, hat, shirt, etc; the list goes on. It may look amazing on one person, and on another, you wonder if they looked in the mirror before leaving the house. Denise Huxtable, however, has proven that no matter how outrageous her outfit or hairstyle may be, she still looks good. How that’s possible, I’m not sure, but it is. For those who don’t know, Denise Huxtable is the second eldest of the five Huxtable kids in “The Cosby Show.” Below are a few looks of hers that I absolutely love but also shows why she deserves to be called a fashion icon.

1. Hairstyles

source buzzfeed.com

source thenathenzed.tumblr.com

source pinterest.com

source naturallymemedia.com

Whether long, curly short or even dreads, she can pull off any hairstyle and still look good.

2. Head wraps

source pinterest.com

source buzzfeed.com

source thestylepagess.blogspot.com

I wish I had as many cool head wraps as her.

3. And a turban

source pinterest.com

Love it.

4. Interesting sweaters

source buzzfeed.com

source buzzfeed.com

Like her father, Denise had many…interesting looking sweaters but you didn’t question them because, of course, she could pull it off.

5. Hats

source hernameisgeorgie.tumblr.com

source pinterest.com

Honestly, who else could wear these hats in public and not get the side eye?

6. Makeup

source pinterest.com

Let me just say when she when she did her makeup in this picture, it wasn’t Halloween. #YouWishYouCould.

7. Huge blazers

source hernamisgeorgie.tumblr.com

source henameisgeorgie.tumblr.com

source huxtablehotness.com

I don’t exactly understand the over-sized blazer but I won’t question it.

8. Patterns on patterns

source pinterest.com

source natural-nashvile.com

Who doesn't love having patterns in their life?

9. The preppy chic look

source pinterest.com

source bustle.com

I love these looks.

10. The tulle look

source pinterest.com

That one time she wore mostly all tulle fabric.

11. Michael Jackson looking jackets:

source bustle.com

source bustle.com

source pinterest.com

Because the only other person besides MJ that can wear these cool jackets is Denise.

12. Layers

source pinterest.com

source pinterest.com

source huxtablehotness.com

source buzzfeed.com

source huxtablehotness.com

These outfits look so peculiar, but when they’re on Denise…

13. Brooches

source huxtablehotness.com

source pinterest.com

With Denise, the bigger the brooch, the better.

14. Earrings

source pinterest.com

source buzzfeed.com

The pin earrings are outrageously perfect.

15. High-waisted pants

source poeticbrooch.wordpress.com

The way she’s working those pants though.

Even it's not official, Denise will always be a fashion icon to me.

Have a fantastical week everyone xo.

Cover Image Credit: pinterest.com

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