15 Questions Our Families Will Ask At Thanksgiving

For most of us, this Thanksgiving or Christmas will be the first time all of our extended family will be together, which means you get all the typical questions. The key to surviving? Having your answers already prepared.

1. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

I have been asked this so many times I can't even wrap my head around it. But this year, my wonderful boyfriend is coming to spend Christmas with my family, so hopefully I don't get that question this year.

2. How is school going?

"It is going great so far!" is usually my response, this is a very broad question which 9 times out of 10, will lead to them asking another question on this list.

3. Picked a major yet?

I will probably answer this question at least 50 times over a span of about 2 hours, and my answer will remain the same.

4. How do you like your roommate?

My roommate is great, we get along great, we are friends. I live in a very small room with her, and we are getting along great so far, especially when we both love Harry Potter.

5. Have you joined any clubs?

Does Netflix count?

6. How are your grades looking?

They're looking good, typical first-semester college Freshman grades. A few horrible things in the beginning, but gradually improving as I get used to the work I have to do.

7. What's the party scene like there? Are you staying out of trouble?

I am staying out of trouble, I promise.

8. How do you like the campus?

It's great, It's very cold and it is starting to snow, and I do not like snow. The campus is beautiful, and will continue to be.

9. Do you have anything planned for next year yet?

I can't even register for classes for next semester till the middle of December, I don't have any concrete plans for next year yet.

10. Have you made any friends yet?

Yes, I have made friends, I will not list all of their names, but yes I am making friends.

11. Do you miss home?

I miss home a lot, but it's getting a little easier. I miss my family and my friends, but it's getting easier.

12. Do you like your classes?

They're mostly just general education classes, but yes I am enjoying them.

13. Have you talked to your professors yet?

I've gone to see most of my professors at least once this semester so far and they have been a huge help.

14. How's school going?

Yes, I know this is in here twice, but only because I will be asked this question more times than I care to admit. Please refer to question 2.

15. You ready to graduate yet?

I've only just begun, I'm nowhere near ready to be done yet. I have so much more to do and I can't wait to get going.

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