15 People You'll Meet And Hate At Gov Ball
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15 People You'll Meet And Hate At Gov Ball

10. The guy who downloaded Happn "just for this weekend"

15 People You'll Meet And Hate At Gov Ball

Music festival goers get a bad wrap – one they rightfully deserve. They wear flower crowns, throw hula hoops in the air, dance like nobody's watching. And let me tell you: everyone's watching. The Gov Ball attendees are no different.

1. The Brooklyn hipster who's especially excited to see the shows on Sunday because no one but him knows who's actually playing

2. The girl from Manhattan who wants to see Chance the Rapper because the guy she matched with on Bumble will be there

3. The wannabe Brooklyn bro who actually lives on the Lower East Side with his friends from high school

4. The finance bro who thinks Pheonix is pretty chill and only listens to Listomania

5. The Bushwick hippy who doesn't wash her hair

6. The college kid who's only going to see Marshmello

7. The girl who lives in Williamsburg and wants to see Banks because she really related to that scene in "Girls" when Hannah, Shosh, Marnie and Jessa dance in the living room

8. The girl who is trying to make her food blog insta-famous so she posts all the food she ate

9. The group of college friends who post up at the alcohol tent because they can't stand to be around each other unless they're hammered

10. The guy who downloaded Happn "just for this weekend"

11. The girl who is constantly judging everyone in the back

12. The girl from New Jersey who thought this festival was the one where you sit on a guys shoulders and flash your tits

13. The girl from the Upper East Side who thought it would be fun to "scratch 'go to a music festival'" off her "summer in NYC bucket list"

14. The really hip and with it couple from the West Village who are too cool for their own good and make really believe you WILL die alone

15. The guy from literally anywhere who won't stop following you

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