15 Of The Best Songs That Should Be On Cue While Glamming up
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15 Of The Best Songs That Should Be On Cue While Glamming up

Because every girl and her friends need good music while getting ready for a night out.

15 Of The Best Songs That Should Be On Cue While Glamming up
Marie Claire

To all the avid music listeners out there who need a specific soundtrack playing in the background of each of their quotidian endeavors (like myself), I'm sure you understand the struggle of finding and putting together the perfect playlists. My subscription to Spotify Premium has luckily facilitated my journey in polishing and selectively bundling my music selection.

From a playlist that specifically gets one in the zone to 'study' in the library, or another one that always hits home and gets the waterworks running, it is safe to say that there is a designated one for every occasion/mood across the spectrum of a millennials life.

I don't know much about guys, but for us, gals, a thorough and flawless (cue Beyonce) playlist is a must in the oh-so stressful times we spend perfecting our winged liner, jumping around our room fitting into those super skinny jeans, and trying out all the Snapchat filters with the besties.

Whether its for a GNO, a big party you've been expecting, or you're completing your weekly visits to x bar; I've taken the liberty to put together one of my own, solely for these occasions, so every girl can channel their alter-ego and doll themselves up while doing so. Here's a couple of my (currently) favorite picks:

1. I'd put all of Queen B's Lemonade album here if I could, but 'Sorry' and 'Six Inch' featuring The Weeknd are two of my favorite from her latest releases.

2. Following Queen B, Ariana Grande killed it with 'Into You', featured on her latest album. From start to finish, it's catchy and fun to listen to!

3. We all know that 'Work' by @Badgalriri is definitely somewhere in this list. However, I think 'Consideration' from her new album is highly underrated.

4. A little slower than most, but Bieber and Travis Scott's 'No Sense' never disappoints.

5. MNEK's 'More Than a Miracle' is everything you need to get you going for a memorable night.

6. Although my Diplo fever has subsided, I always keep the oldies but goodies of Major Lazer's throwbacks in any playlist, since 'Watch Out for This' never disappoints.

7.Taking it back to the early 2000's with Jlo's 'Jenny from the Block'.

8. Bet you forgot about this one... (I sure did too for a while)

9. If 'Doses & Mimosas' doesn't get you in a '"this is gonna be a great night" mood, then I'm sorry...

10. Hate her all you want, but Miley Cyrus has several songs that everyone secretly (or not) loves! 'We Can't Stop' is most probably at the top of that list.

11. Some songs just never get old. 'Bootylicious' by the early 2000's holy trinity/Destiny's Child is the perfect example of such.

12. Took me long enough to realize (thanks Google Translate!) what the song was talking about... regardless, 'Lady Marmalade' is still the jam.

13. 'Fergalicious' is that one song you can't help but dance to when it's on, and if you're from Miami like i am, you probably still have all the lyrics from the original and the Chongalicious version mixed up, even after all these years.

14. Wait... what ever happened to The Pussycat Dolls? Don't Cha featuring Busta Rhymes is still great though.

15. And last but not least...Can't forget about Nicki and Bey's anthem!

What's on your "Getting Ready" playlist?

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