For many, reading has become a part of life. We enjoy the idea of books and what adventures may be inside them. However, not all bookworms are understood. In some cases, we might be seen as clinically insane simply by mourning the death of a character. I assure you, we are not. Most of the time. However, we can get really emotional when it comes to books. And what better way to prove that other than memes? That’s what they’re here for, right?


Family at Christmas: You read that whole book?

Me: Yes…

There is absolutely nothing wrong with throwing away your whole day and avoiding hanging out with your friends and family to read a book that will eventually end and leave you feeling empty, right?


Dear authors, you should feel ashamed.


Who else has experienced this before? It can’t possibly be just me, right?


Yes, we still exist. I am living proof. I am the hope of the future. Bow down to me and my books.


First of all, don’t tell a bookworm that a book is just a book because it is not. There are adventures and people with actual feelings.


There are not enough words to express how much we go through for you. We are on this amazing adventure with you, we have befriended you, we have even told you to get that guy and you thank us by doing something dumb that emotionally pains us? You’re lucky you’re going on a cool journey...


For all the times books have left me feeling so empty…


This is the part where we “accidentally” read for 10 hours. No shame.




“I’ve come to talk to you again…”


*Reads book, falls out of chair, silently cries on the floor* ...I’m fine.


*Picks up book and whispers* I will be back for you, book, I promise.

This is one of the saddest moments in life.


Sebastian got it right. That’s why we read. To escape to the mess of humanity.


Who else has thrown their book across the room? I can’t be the only one here.


*Reads description on back of books three and four and reads spoilers* Well…

I have learned my lesson.

While many books may put us through emotional turmoil, we cannot seem to put them down. The real reason we read is to escape reality and immerse ourselves in beautiful words. We see the truth in words and don’t want to take advantage of that. Many characters have helped us along the way. And yes, we may go a little overboard with fangirling, but that’s only because we have found a new life amongst those books. We have been on many journeys and made many new friends.