15 Instagram Pictures And Captions We Are Totally Tired Of Seeing
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15 Instagram Pictures And Captions We Are Totally Tired Of Seeing

Please. Make it stop.

15 Instagram Pictures And Captions We Are Totally Tired Of Seeing

Whether we've had Instagram for four months or four years, we know that there are some posts you are doomed to scroll through over and over again. The only thing worse than the pictures are their captions. Here are 15 Instagram pictures and their captions that we are #totesover:

1. The What I'm Watching

"He's watching the game. I'm meal planning for the next 475 days. #itsthelittlethings" -@bhennessey9837

2. The fam pic

"We're so cute, girls!" -@blondeandbold

3. The Actual Family Picture

"I love being in a family where we can all just be... us. Not everyone gets that." -@daria_irl

4. The Ring Shot

"He asked. I said yes. I couldn't be more #blessed to be marrying the REALEST man on Earth. #goinggolde16" -@futuremrsgolde

5. The Countdown

"Only #150moredays until we say #ido! It is so close! #goinggolde16" -@futuremrsgolde

6. The #mcm Brag

"This cutie gets to be my #mcm because in #123moredays he'll be my husband! #goinggolde16" -@futuremrsgolde

7. The Milestone

"Just look at this beauty. She takes my breath away. Celebrating #sevenmonths of togetherness at Houston's tonight. In #4moremonths she'll be my wife! #goinggolde16" -@therealjoshgolde

8. The Pizza

"I'd drive 30 minutes for Otto's Pizza any day." -@superdave

9. The Sushi

"If you haven't had #Izumi sushi, you're missing out. #artonaplate #sushifordays" -@jessparker

10. The Coffee at Home

"Starting my day with a black coffee. I've got a long day of consultations and editing ahead of me. #photographersoftulsa #intentionalliving" -@harmoneyleigh.photography

11. The Gem

"So glad I got to catch up with this gem today. She keeps me grounded." -@aimeebobaimee

12. The Jesus Gem

"My heart is so filled with joy! I got to spend a few hours with this sweet daughter of Christ today. @kristimilner, you are a true light in the darkness. Living for Jesus has pulled us to crazy places... you as a worship leader in #ATX and me as a minister's wife in Oregon, but I'm so glad that we met during our #trulife gap year. #blessedwiththebest" -@littlemrsramsay

13. The Deep Girl

"Today I was drinking tea from my Nana's bone china cup she left me and I had a thought: what if all we are is all we will ever be? Would you be okay with it?" -@hollieollieoxenfree

14. The Authentic Girl

"I love this shot of me that Graham took while we were browsing the little record store on fifth street after visting the farmer's market & @delagioscoffee. I feel like it really captures my essence: simple. calm. invested. #liveauthentic #justbeyou" -@doe.eyed.dean

15. The Cry for Attention

"Unplugging indefinitely to do some much-needed soul searching. It's time for this phoenix to rise from the ashes." -@Genni.from.the.block

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