15 Guilty Pleasure Songs for Every Theatre Kid

15 Guilty Pleasure Songs for Every Theatre Kid

Don't act like you don't love them.

Ah, musical theatre kids; a very specific breed. Whether it’s planning your entire schedule around rehearsal nights or staying up to date on the newest musical sweeping the nation, there are certain things all theatre kids have in common. One of those things is our taste in music: although we like to pretend we have ~standards~ and are ~too good~ for certain musicals, there are a select few songs that no true theatre geek can resist singing along to. Here is a short selection of every musical theatre kid’s guilty pleasures.

1. You Can't Stop the Beat--Hairspray

If you haven't been in Hairspray, then you definitelyat least danced to this song at your own cast parties. You really can't stop the beat (meaning it will be stuck in your head for days. Weeks, even.)

2. Omigod You Guys--Legally Blonde

Don't act like you haven't practiced your valley girl impression.

3. America--West Side Story

A classic song from a classic musical.

4. Cell Block Tango--Chicago

The sexiest song in theatre (probably). Who hasn't dreamed of performing a killer dance number while singing about murder (#puns)?

5. Footloose--Footlose

This one probably comes with your own choreo.

6. One Day More--Les Miserables

You and your friends definitely fought over/assigned roles just to sing this in the car. Listen, I get it--Eponine is a hot ticket.

7. Defying Gravity--Wicked

This list truly wouldn't be complete without this one.

8. Seaons of Love--Rent


9. Hair--Hair

Step aside, Willow Smith--this is the OG hair-whipping song.

10. Don't Cry for Me Argentina--Evita

Remember when you thought this was an obscure theatre song? Yeah, me too. Lol.

11. Show People--Curtains

I mean, this song was about you. How could you not like it?

12. Anything Goes--Anything Goes

Ok, so we all thought we were destined to be tap-dancers because of this. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

13. I Hope I Get It--A Chorus Line

dun dun dun DA dadada DAduh, dun dun dun DA dadada dun DA (you know the part. You know the choreo.)

14. We're All in This Together--High School Musical

Yeah, you definitely expected high school to be way different from what it was. Oh well. At least you have these sick dance moves.

15. We Go Together--Grease

And finally, to complete this list--the quintisenntial theatre song. A Wop Bam Boom.

Cover Image Credit: Emma Killian

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40. This Iconic Line

"One Tree Hill" is definitely a show that gives you some serious feelings, and because of that, I think it's one of the best teen dramas ever made. Lucas, Nathan, Brooke, Peyton, Karen, Keith, Whitey, Jamie, Deb, Mouth, Skills, Clay, Quinn, Millie, Chase, Chris, and even Dan will always have a place in every OTH fan's heart. There is, after all, only one Tree Hill.

Cover Image Credit: Wikia

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