Spring break isn't always the fun escape that college students want it to be. Sometimes, spring break means saying home alone and watching Netflix all week while your squad is partying it up in warm weather. The FOMO hits hard during spring break. It's as real as it has ever been.

1. When spring break rolls around and plans are popping up.

You're so excited. There are so many places around the world to go!

2. And then you look at your bank account...

You have no money. You can't go away with them.

3. When your friends are still making plans and you're just sitting on the sidelines.

You're in denial. You pretend they're not going to Punta Cana or Miami without you. It's not happening.

4. It's spring break. The first day is great.

It's finally here -- no school, no work. Just you. You get to do whatever you want.

5. Relaxing all day in bed with Netflix, catching up on all of your shows.

Channeling your inner J.Law, you feel great watching all of this television. Maybe spring break alone won't be so bad.

6. You open Instagram and Facebook.

Literally everyone you know is on spring break.

7. Day two of laying in bed with Netflix comes around and it's not so terrible.

You're kind of OK with binge-watching and relaxing. It doesn't suck yet.

8. You open Instagram again and immediately regret it.

Your friends are in a place with warm weather, good food and bad decisions. And you haven't moved in two days.

9. Day three of laying in bed.

Are there any more shows on Netflix to watch? Have you even left the house in the past three days?

10. You start to miss your squad.

You want to text them but don't want those international texting charges coming out of your basically non-existent bank account.

11. The countdown begins.

The squad comes back in two days. You start to get happy.

12. Logging into Netflix for the hundredth time.

You restart watching some of your old favorite shows. Because what else is there to do?

13. Your squad comes back in a day!

The excitement is palpable. You can't wait to see them!

14. You don't see your squad.

Everyone besides you is hungover and tired. They'll probably sleep the entire day after they come home.

15. It's the last day of spring break.

You're packing and driving back to school. You did nothing.