15 Gaming Apps You Need On Your Phone

15 Gaming Apps You Need On Your Phone

A list of apps that are actually fun.

It might seem lame to have gaming apps on your phone, especially as college students. But sometimes they're fun to have to keep yourself entertained or distracted for a while. They can even get addicting. Here are some (free) gaming apps you can play by yourself, or play with your friends who also have the app.

1. Swipe Brick Breaker

Object of the game: Aim and destroy the bricks

2. Friendo

Object of the game: Answer questions about your friends correctly to earn points (and to get to know someone even more)

3. 1010

Object of the game: To place pieces to clear rows/columns of 10

4. Words with Friends

Object of game: Earn more points than your opponent by creating words with randomly given letters

5. Jetpack Joyride

Object of game: Fly the jetpack, collect coins, complete missions, and avoid zappers and missiles.

6. Trivia HQ

Object of game: Answer trivia correctly (Answer as many as you can for the possibility of earning money)

7. I Love Hue

Object of game: Rearrange the colors so they transition into each other

8. Bubble Cloud

Object of the game: Aim a color ball to the same color until you reach the middle

9. Draw Something

Object of the game: Like Pictionary, draw what is given and have your opponent guess what it is and then vice versa.

10. Trivia Crack

Object of game: Answer trivia against your opponent

11. Candy Crush

Object of game: Solve the puzzle by matching the candies

12. Temple Run

Object of game: Avoid obstacles and earn coins by dodging right and left and jumping

13. Evil Apples

Object of game: Earn the most cards against your friends by picking the card that works with the prompt most (Like Apples to Apples)

13. aa

Object of game: Shoot the numbers around the circle, but don't let them touch each other or the sticks already on the circle

14. Angry Birds

Object of game: Destroy all the pigs by launching birds into the air

15. SimCity

Object of game: Build an efficient city and make sure your residents are happy

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Why I Get Mad When People Say We Are The "Me" Generation

Selfishness doesn't just appear out of thin air, it is taught.

When I hear people say that my generation is the "me" generation it makes me uncharacteristically mad. Bo Burnham, one of my favorite comedians/people ever, talks about it in one of his comedy shows.

He talks about how we might be more self-centered than other generations but it was because we were taught to be that way.

How social media was created so that people could perform, perform their entire lives and get reassurance from others that they were great. I've since talked about this with several friends.

When I write or really when anyone creates anything there are multiple ways one can interpret WHY they created it. Did they create it for themselves, to get rid of some creativity/emotions/boredom? Did they conceive it to share it and have others tell them how amazing they are? Or was it a mix of both, for themselves and for others reassurance, or none of those at all?

It makes it hard to not get in your head as a creator, which, this day in age, is basically all of us. We all share on social media: look at this picture I took, look at how good of a mom/friend/significant other I am, look at all my accomplishments and tell me I'm pretty and great and everything else.

Also, who are we to say that it's bad to be a little self-absorbed sometimes? To want attention and reassurance. I think you only really get in trouble when you come to expect it or need it to be happy.

We all want to be accepted and isn't that really what we do on social media now? Sure, it is a heightened version of it, wanting to be accepted on every aspect of your life that you share, but again, isn't that what we all want, to fit in?

So before you call us the "me" generation remember that we had to get the idea from somewhere and that, like every generation before us, we're just trying to be accepted. We were just given a bigger platform to perform on.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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11 Apps That Are EXACTLY Like College Majors

5. Facebook - Political Science

1. WebMD - Nursing

Gotta get a head start on diagnosing people...

2. Snapchat - Broadcasting

Documenting life one snap at a time

3. Twitter - English

Writers always have thoughts to share

4. Instagram - Communications

The best way to communicate what your life consists of

5. Facebook - Political Science

There will always be opinions in post comments

6. Stocks - Business

Business people rule the financial world

7. ESPN - Sports Management

*checks sports scores every 10 seconds*

8. Tumblr - Psychology

Tumblr is just a huge mess of crazy, funny, and serious... Just like our brains

9. Pinterest - Arts/Media

Always thinking of something crafty

10. VSCO - Photography

Filters and editing is crucial for any bomb picture

11. Buzzfeed - Journalism

Kardashian news brought to you by journalists on Buzzfeed

Cover Image Credit: Stocksnap.io

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