15 DIY Gift Ideas

15 DIY Gift Ideas

15 Thoughtful Gifts

If you're strapped for cash or maybe you like putting some extra time into the gifts you give DIY gifts can make the perfects gifts for holidays, birthdays, or any occasion.

1. 52 Reason.

Grab a deck of playing cards and on each one write a reason why you love the person, or maybe just a happy thought to make their day, you plan on gifting it to. Then you can punch holes along the side and tie them together with ribbon or find a cute box and every day there. This is a perfect gift for anybody, whether it's a partner, family member or friend.

2. Recipes.

If you're someone who's good at cooking why not share that talent through a gift. You could write down some of your favorite recipes, find a cute box, and maybe add a few blank ones so they can grow their collection.

3. Magical Shrinking Necklace.

This one involves a bit more craftiness then the first two. If that's you're thing then give this a try! You will also need to buy some jewelry making supplies, remember if you buy a pack of these items you can make a few and make several for a few different people. If you want to check it out, you can find pretty clear directions here.

4. Lip Scrub.

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to give someone a lip scrub, all though you could give someone lip scrub any time of year. This article has 30 recipes for homemade lip scrubs, where you can choose between different flavors such as kiwi, mint, orange, lemon, and honey and cinnamon. This is also a great gift regardless of gender and is pretty universal, who wouldn't want a lip scrub?

5. Baked Goods.

Never underestimate the power of cookies, fudge, cake, pie or whatever you can think of. This might be especially nice if you have a friend with specific dietary needs or has allergies and you make something that caters to that.

6. Photo Wine Glasses.

With Mod Podge you can affix pictures to the bottom of wine glasses. You can do pieces of art you know they like, pictures of you two together, family photos, anything you want really. Here's a full tutorial.

7. Tassel Bookmarks.

If you mind a piece of patterned cardboard or you can glue a picture, quote, or anything you want to a piece of cardboard. Here's a tutorial for the tassel.

8. Paperclip Bookmarks

If you have more than one bookworm in your life, here's another DIY bookmark that they're sure to love. The directions for this one are pretty easy, here's where you can find them.

9. Soap.

Soap is another great gift to make and give if you really don't know what else to give someone. Everyone needs soap. This particular recipe is for peppermint soap but if you scroll down you can find other recipes for ones that will smell like pumpkin spice, cranberry orange, milk and money, peaches and cream, coffee and milk, apple pie, and natural citrus.

10. Coupon Book.

Grab some note cards, or patterned paper, or even just paper and style them however you want. Then create the coupons whether is a free night of babysitting, a free huge, a free dibs on the shower, a free ice cream, or a free ride somewhere. It's perfect to be catered to the relationship between you and the person you're giving it to. You can draw on them or not, punch a hole in the corner and tie with a string or not. It's really completely up to you.

11. Hot Chocolate Spoons.

These are perfect for any age and could be given as a gift or brought to a party for everyone to share. They're spoons dipped in chocolate that can be stirred into warm water or milk to create delicious hot chocolate. Here's a great recipe.

12. Teacup Candles.

These look super cute and you could make this candle in anything you want to; a mason jar or a seashell. But if you did want to do it in a teacup I would recommend looking at Goodwill or other consignment shops that might sell inexpensive teacups. Here are good instructions.

13. Animal Book End.

You can use any animal, or any figure you could find at a dollar tree, AC Moore, or Micheals or any color you want. Here are the instructions and if you don't know if they'd be strong enough you can replace the wood with a brick or put a little hole in whatever plastic friend you choose and fill it with sand.

14. Animal Memo Holder.

If bookends aren't really your style but you still have a plastic animal you don't know what to do with. Try this one out. Here are there instructions.

15. Chocolate Chips Cookies in a jar.

This is a classic gift and it's perfect because even if the person you're thinking of isn't a huge baker, it's pretty easy for them. Most of the measuring is done for them and they have a cute mason jar and a plate of chocolate chip cookies after they make them. Here's a link for instructions that includes a free printable with the recipe for you to include when wrapping the present. So the recipient will know just what they need to add and how many cookies they will be able to make.

So there you go fifteen DIY recipes that are perfect for every occasion and holiday. Just remember that it's the thought that counts and a good friend won't care how much money you put into your gift.

Happy Holidays.

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12 Traditional Christmas Cookie Recipes That Are Better Homemade Than Store-Bought

Christmas cookies are 100% the best part of the holidays. With all of these recipes, there is bound to be at least one to please a crowd. Why not make all 12 and see.


Baking is one of my all-time favorite holiday activities. I especially love making these recipes. Every year my family makes a point to come together and bake this list of Christmas cookie recipes because it is so much fun and totally worth the work put in. My favorites are gingersnaps (#1), but every cookie on this list is worth making. Buy some fun sprinkles and festive aprons put on a Christmas movie and have yourself a super cozy and festive baking session. The best part about this is reaping the rewards after, just think about how many warm cookies there will be!

1. Gingersnaps

Gingersnaps are literally the best cookie of all time.

If you've never made a homemade gingersnap you need to make one right now!! These are my favorite cookie of all time, they cant be a lot of work, but it's totally worth it.

2. Sugar Cookies

Make these as intricate or as plain as you want.

These are the most classic Christmas cookies. It's basically mandatory to bake sugar cookies for Christmas and to make them in fun holiday shapes.

3. Vanilla Biscotti

Cookies can be for breakfast too.

Vanilla Bean Biscotti is also a staple for Christmas at my house. These pair super good with coffee as well, so cookies for breakfast!

4. Pizelles

Another classic cookie in my house around Christmas.

This Christmas cookie recipe is simple, but it's definitely a family favorite. The lighter flavor of a Pizelle makes is perfect after a big Christmas dinner.

5. Oatmeal Rasin

The most underrated cookie.

Oatmeal raisin cookies are by far the coziest cookie for a cold winter day. Serve these with some cinnamon tea and you're bound to have a happy family.

6. Raspberry Thumb Print Cookies

This Christmas cookie recipe is one you definitely need on your table. The raspberries in these Raspberry Jam Thumbprint cookies basically makes them healthy.

7. Gingerbread

I could probably eat this whole plate right now.

Gingerbread cookies are definitely one of the more complicated cookies you can make, but its 100% worth your time. Plus you can decorate them adorably.

8. Chocolate Chip Biscotti

I'll take a dozen of these.

Unsure which of these two biscotti recipes I like more. These Chocolate Chip biscotti are bomb, plus look how cute they are wrapped up as gifts.

9. Shortbread

Easy, but delicious.

Shortbread cookies are one of the less exciting recipes, but you can totally spice them up. Dip them in chocolate and press them in sprinkles, nuts or candy cane for a fun twist.

10. Snickerdoodles

Cinnamon is the most important holiday spice imo.

Who doesn't love Snickerdoodles? Rolling them in the cinnamon sugar can be a project, but filling a bag with the topping and dropping in some dough balls makes it much easier.

11. Kiss Cookies

A classic cookie gone festive.

My family always seems to have a million of these Candy Cane kisses lying around. This Candy Cane Kiss Christmas cookie recipe is exactly what my family needs to eat all of them.

12. Brownie Cookies

Can't decide between a brownie or a cookie? Have both!

These cookies are unreal, they are so chocolatey and have such a good texture. If you're looking for a new cookie to mix up your regular bunch, this is the one for you.

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