College. It looks like this.

1. When you over ambitiously sign up for an 8 a.m.

2. And then after one class realizing what a terrible decision that was.

3. When laundry is slowly but surely taking over your life.

4. When that meal card gets reloaded and you're feeling like a baller.

5. And when your meal plan runs out, making the most of what you've got...

6. Getting your first test of the semester back...

7. Passing eager freshman after you've been in the library for 16 hours.

8. When you get to class and realize there was homework due, and then you realize you're in the wrong class.. and also your shirt is on inside out..

9. But then your day starts looking up a little.

10. When "good" toilet paper is a luxury.

11. When it's just been one of those weeks..

12. And you just wanna go out with your pals but that exam tomorrow is looking brutal.