If College Majors Earned Their Degrees In Vine-ology

A person's major in college is part of their identity. If a student truly loves and indulges themselves in their major, it will begin to change their personality. Here are fifteen vines showing stereotypical personalities of students within each major.

1. Pre-Law

Pre-Law students always have the "best" comebacks when debating with their fellow students.

2. Political Science

Political science majors will argue politics with you until they run out of points to make.

3. Biology

Biology majors love caring for the environment and are always spending time with animals in nature.

4. Chemistry

Chemistry majors know how to make an explosion that would scare off any other student.

5. Physics

Physics majors use the laws of physics to pull tricks on their fellow classmates.

6. Religion

Religion majors love anyone who they can share their beliefs with and will become attached to anyone willing to listen.

7. Art

Art majors will show off their creations no matter how much anyone else seems to understand them.

8. Dance

Dance majors are ready to perform anytime and any place.

9. Education

Education majors have to learn patience throughout college to be able to deal with kids like this one.

10. English

English majors will write some of their best and worst pieces of literature throughout college.

11. Math

Math majors enjoy learning topics that no other college student can stand to learn.

12. Music

Music majors create beautiful songs part of the time and spend the rest of their time being beaten up by their instruments.

13. Psychology

Psychology majors are probs the best people to go to for life advice.

14. Theater

Theater majors will go put on a show without even thinking about who they might embarrass.

15. Cosmetology

Cosmetology majors are always working on new looks, even though they might not turn out right.

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