15 Broadway Duets Guaranteed To Bring Down The House
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15 Broadway Duets Guaranteed To Bring Down The House

I dare you not to sing along.

15 Broadway Duets Guaranteed To Bring Down The House

This is for my musically inclined friends out there! Trying to find the perfect duet to help you and your partner in crime bring the house down? Whether you are looking to tackle a brassy, belt-y piece with your best friend or a saucy love song with your significant other, these are some classic and killer duets that are guaranteed to make you feel like a star! Some of these might seem a little cliche, but bear with me. I know deep down you're dying to sing these masterpieces.

1. "Last Night on Earth," from American Idiot

Noteworthy lyric: "With every breath that I am worth, here on Earth. I'm sending all my love to you."

2. "Wish I Were Here," from Next To Normal

Noteworthy Lyric: "I'm the light and heat of every sun. I'm a bullet from a magic gun. And I'm trying to enjoy it, but I'm missing all the fun."

3. "You and Me (But Mostly Me)" from The Book of Mormon

Noteworthy Lyric: "And there's no limit to what we can do, me and you. But mostly me."

4. "Bad Idea" from Waitress

Noteworthy Lyric: "What if I never see myself ever be anything more than what I've already become?"

5. "First Impressions" from First Date

Noteworthy lyric: "Either way I've been burned but the one thing I've learned is often times first impressions are worth a second glance."

6. "Muddy Water" from Big River

Noteworthy Lyric: "Look out for me, oh muddy water. Your mysteries are deep and wide. And I got a need for going some place. And I got a need to climb upon your back and ride."

7. "The Word of Your Body" from Spring Awakening

Noteworthy Lyric: "Watching his world slip through my fist. Playing with her in your fantasies. Haven't you heard the word, how I want you?"

8. "You Love Who You Love" from Bonnie & Clyde

Noteworthy Lyric: "Yes you love who you love. Common sense may say it's wrong. There's a part of him you know is wild. Maybe that's what made you love him all along."

9. "I'm Not My Father's Son" from Kinky Boots

Noteworthy Lyric: "Look at me powerless and holding my breath, trying hard to repress what scared him to death."

10. "Something To Believe In" from Newsies

Noteworthy Lyric: "I have something to believe in, now that I know you believed in me."

11. "Here I Go" from If/Then

Noteworthy Lyric: "Now I know all the motions, the steps to every dance. And I count cards at the table. I never bet on chance. I leave nothing to the gods. I know all the odds and even so. Still, here I go."

12. "Seventeen" from Heathers the Musical

Noteworthy Lyric: "Fine, we're damaged, really damaged. But that does not make us wise. We're not special, we're not different. We don't choose who lives or dies."

13. "All The Wasted Time" from Parade

Noteworthy Lyric: "Leaves too high to touch, roots too strong to fall. All the days gone by to never show I loved you so, and I never knew anything at all."

14. "For Good" from Wicked

Noteworthy Lyric: "So much of me is made of what I learned from you. You'll be with me like a handprint on my heart. And now whatever way our stories end, I know you have re-written mine by being my friend."

15. "Take Me Or Leave Me" from Rent

Noteworthy Lyric: "A tiger in a cage can never see the sun. This diva needs her stage baby, let's have fun!"

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