Your Summer Reading List

Your Summer Reading List

This is an eclectic selection of books for the passionate reader who is looking for something new.

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Looking for something to read this summer? Creating a summer reading list is hard. Especially for those of us that have a tendency to buy more books than we could possibly have time to read. If you like different genres or if you are looking for something new to try this summer than this is the list for you. It is my firm belief that you can never be too old to read young adult books so I have included a few of those. I searched high and low through my "goodreads" account and added everything from romance to dystopian fiction on this list. Enjoy!

1. Montana Sky- Nora Roberts

Genre(s): romance, mystery, fiction

This is a book that I will read over and over. A whirlwind romance that starts out reluctantly by Willa. After her father dies, he leaves his ranch to each of this three daughters. Spending her entire life apparently meant nothing to Jack Mercy. Between teaching her two sisters the rules of the ranch, unwanted advances from her next door neighbor, and some murders on the Ranch, WIlla has a full and busy year ahead of her. This book will keep you guessing until the end.

2. The Edge of Never- J.A. Redmerski

Genre(s): romance

Sequel: The Edge of Always

Camryn's life changed forever when it fell apart. Determined not to dwell on the past Cam makes plans for the future until a night out changes everything. Not a day later she decides to up and leave her life behind her. On a bus trip to nowhere Camryn meets Andrew Parrish. Both have a dark past and secrets to hide but their trip will change the both of them forever.

3. The Secret Hour- Scott Westerfield

Genre(s): fantasy, science-fiction, young adult/teen

Apart of the Midnighters Quartet

Imagine having an extra hour added to your day. 25 hours in the day and the extra hour is yours to do whatever you want. That's what happens at midnight in the town of Bixby, Oklahoma. A group of teenagers have the ability of an extra hour in their day while no one else knows it exists. A novel in the same capacity of the Uglies series this is a great easy young adult read.

4. The Night Circus- Erin Morgenstern

Genre(s): fantasy, historical fiction, romance

A bet that determined the course of two Illusionists lives will also change the course of the Circus. A circus that shows up with no announcement and no warning. The circus is only open at night. Behind the magic of the curtains that competition is what everyone on the inside is talking about.When the two adversaries discover who they are competing against the entire competition changes and so do their lives. A novel full of mystery and magic with plot twists that keep the reader guessing it is definitely a great summer beach read.

5. Alanna: The First Adventure- Tamora Pierce

Genre(s): fantasy, young adult/teen, adventure

Apart of the Song of the Lioness Quartet

Eleven year old Alanna has always wanted to be a knight. She and her twin brother, Thom, were always opposites. In a world with magic, she wanted nothing to do with it, but her brother wanted to be a sorcerer. A dream and a decision led Alanna to attend knight school in the place of her brother and Thom off to attend the monastery to become a sorcerer. This series follows Alanna through school, but will she become a knight? A YA book series with lessons that even adults (or 21 year old college students) can learn from, this is another series I will read more than once.

6. The Island- Victoria Hislop

Genre(s): historical fiction, romance, drama

Alexis knows nothing of her Greek heritage. Her mother refuses to speak of it. Deciding that she couldn't wait any longer, Alexis decides to visit the island where her mother grew up. Taking a letter to an old friend of her mother's, Alexis embarks on a journey to find herself and her heritage.

7. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan- Lisa See

Genre(s): historical fiction

In a nineteenth century province of China, lily is paired with a friend for life. A new bond with another child named Snow Flower provokes questions that Lily never asked herself. Snow Flower sends Lily a fan with a message on it and that becomes their form of communication as they both struggles through nineteenth century Chinese culture; arranged marriages, foot binding and motherhood.

8. The Inner Circle- Brad Metzler

Genre(s): fiction, mystery, thriller, suspense

Beecher White is an archivist who works for the National Archives. His life is flipped upside down when he stumbles across a very old secret. A reunion with a childhood friend, the murder of his friend, and a wild goose chase to find out what is really going on, Beecher stumbles across the Culper Ring. A secret spy society used by George Washington during the Revolutionary war and created to protect the Presidency has lasted over two hundred years.

9. Concrete Blonde- Michael Connelly

Genre(s): fiction, mystery, crime

Detective Harry Bosch investigated a serial killer named the Dollmaker. A murder spree he thought he stopped turned into another murder and another investigation. Follow Detective Bosch as he investigates a dangerous killer as he and his department are under fire for targeting the wrong man the first time.

10. Blood Red Road- Moira Young

Genre(s): young adult/teen, science fiction, dystopian, fantasy, romance

Apart of the Dust Lands Trilogy

Saba lives in the wasteland create by the wrecker society that came before her. When her twin brother gets taken by a mysterious group of men in cloaks she embarks on a journey to save him. Along the way she teams up with a mysterious rebel boy and a group of female rebel warriors. An exciting thriller this book is a difficult YA read. The narration of the story can be difficult to follow but it is well worth it if you can get past the writing style of the author.

11. Ender's Game- Orson Scott Card

Genre(s): science fiction, young adult/teen, fantasy

Apart of the Ender Quintet

Ender Wiggin is a student who thinks he is just playing computer simulations. Being trained by the military Ender is really engaged in battle with the buggers. A species that the humans have been at war with for over a hundred years. In the search for a perfect general the military has resorted to training students for battle. If something doesn't change the earth will be destroyed.

12. Water for Elephants- Sara Gruen

Genre(s): historical fiction, romance

In a society where the Great Depression shaped everything Jacob is broke and homeless. A decision to jump a freight train lands him a job with the Benzini Brothers Circus. Forced to work with Elephants he discovers one who will only respond to German commands. Exposed to the dark sides of working for a circus and trying to stay alive in a time where the majority of America cannot find a job, Jacob's troubles are relatable to everyone.

13. Cleopatra's Daughter- Michelle Moran

Genre(s): historical fiction

Forced to move to Rome after her parents death, Selene and her twin brother are forced to live under the watchful eyes of the ruling family. She and her brother must learn to act and live like Romans and slaves. Until Selene catches the eye of the heir to the Roman Empire.

14. The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Genre(s): historical fiction, classics

If you did not read this in school, The Great Gatsby is a book you need to read. Nick lives on the East Egg and gets wrapped up in the politics of New York in the 20s. An affair between Daisy and Gatsby involves Nick as a middle man to cover for the couple. A short and fast read, you won't want to put his book down.

15. The Magic of Highland Dragons

Genre(s): science fiction, fantasy, romance, paranormal (this book is NOT scary)

Apart of the Clan MacCoinnach Trilogy

The Clan chief has a duty to produce heirs. A duty that proves hard for Bren until he meets Faith. After being placed under his care the two fall in love in a whirlwind romance we all know will have a happy ending. A novel with action and romance this is one that both men and women can enjoy.

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