15 Apps That You're Going To Need On Your Phone In College, Like It Or Not
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15 Apps That You're Going To Need On Your Phone In College, Like It Or Not

Apps that will get you through college

15 Apps That You're Going To Need On Your Phone In College, Like It Or Not

Like it or not, you're going to need these 15 apps on your phone when you're in college:

1. Venmo!!

The amount of times that you’ll buy tickets to a game, a random piece of clothing that someone sells, someone buys you a coffee or dinner or… apple juice, this is one of the most used apps on my campus and I'm sure is also on many campuses around the country.

2. Maps

Roadtrips to another school are so fun burt you’ve got to get there somehow, maps will be your best friend. On the other hand, it’s 11pm, you are too broke to uber, so you’re about to sacrifice your feet and walk 2 miles in your 6 inch heels to get to the party you are headed to. Open maps, click walking directions, and you’ll be on your way. Good luck with that one.

3. Spotify

I cannot stress this enough, I listen to so much music while here at school… PREMIUM IS WORTH THE MONEY! Plus, students get a 50% off discount which means all of the music you could ever want for $4.99 a month, that’s a good deal if you ask me.

4. Instagram

You’ve gotta stalk your roommate’s best friend’s sister’s ex boyfriend somehow.

5. Snapchat

For some reason our generation has decided that snapchatting is more casual than texting. So if you want to follow the rest of our culture’s ideas, to talk to someone you have to start with snapchat and then once you ask for each other’s numbers on snapchat, it’s a big move. You’re headed in the right direction if you get to this point. Props to you because most don’t.

6. GroupMe!!

If you are planning on getting involved in anything at your university, you’re going to have to download GroupMe, actually, you might as well download it even before orientation because I’m pretty sure that I used it that day too.

7. Tinder

Make things a little interesting. Give it a couple swipes. It’s a fun activity to do with your girlfriends, or walking to class, or in bed when you can’t sleep, right? Asking for a friend.

8. Facebook

College is learning how to work facebook. Every organization has a facebook page and I don’t know about y’all, but I’m way behind being technologically savvy, especially on facebook.

9. Facetime

I don’t text or call anymore, I only facetime. I could not tell you why everyone does this but even if your just asking a quick question, we all feel the need to say it to the person’s face. I’m not against it, I love facetime, i just think its funny that we use it so often.

10. Weather Channel

The worst thing ever is walking outside with a giant winter parka and realizing it’s 65 degrees one random day in February, or the other way around, walking outside in a hoodie and getting slapped in the face with -30 degree wind gusts. The Weather Channel app has current, hourly, and daily forecasts with wind gusts, wind chill, and precipitation, its all you need in one place!

11. Find My Friends

The amount of people that I share my location with or they are shared with me is probably unsafe, but so convenient! Again, it’s 11pm and you’re trying to meet up with your friend but they cant hear their phone, just track ‘em. Bringing someone home with you, track your roommate and see if they’re home!

12. Google Photos

You’re about to take more pictures than you ever knew what to do with. Google photos is a free app that has unlimited photo storage. Along with unlimited storage, you can access all of the photo’s online on any device once they are uploaded to the app from your camera roll.

13. Your Bank App

They aren’t kidding when they say broke college student. Having your bank app to check if your negative right before you check out each time or looking to see how much you can spend on your last meal out to eat until the next time you get paid is a must.

14. CNN

I haven’t turned on the news more than three times this entire school year. Honestly I miss watching the Today Show every morning in high school. Having the CNN app with updates and notifications on keeps me in the loop with what is going on in the world outside of campus.

15. Uber!!!!

Uber drains my bank account but the creator of Uber is a genius. Especially being in Iowa City, Uber is so convenient and safe for everyone that goes downtown and needs to get home somehow!

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