Another season of "America’s Got Talent" has begun. With the first round of auditions commencing over the next few weeks, America will get to witness some of the greatest acts ever. . . not to mention the hilariously bad acts, too. Plus, it’s always enjoyable to hear Howie Mandel’s quips, Simon Cowell’s comments, Heidi Klum’s confusion, and Mel B’s enthusiasm. But what does it take to get the judge’s praise and four yeses? Try any of the acts below, and you’re sure to wow the judges and advance through the stages. Or even get the golden buzzer.

1. Train guinea pigs to hang glide

First off, how cute would that be? Watching little guinea pigs fly in on a hang glider? Second, that would be impressive af. You’re going to have to be super dedicated to make this work and make it a successful act. It’ll be so impressive the judges will be blown away and give you all the yeses.

2. Sing a song backwards

These days, anyone can go on AGT and sing a song. It gets boring and it’s a stale act. But, singing a song backwards? That just upped the game! As long as you stick to the melody and beat of the song, singing it backwards will keep you on track, sure to win the judges over.

3. Make a judge disappear

Everyone loves a good magic trick! And if you can make one of the judges disappear, that’ll be amazing! (It’s also one less to say no.) Since there are four judges, you could probably count Tyra Banks in there too so five people total, you could get all the way to the end and keep the magic going. Sure, to take the judges by surprise and move on to the next round.

4. Rob a bank

No one has ever seen this on AGT before. You can be the first one to complete this act. You can level their wariness by telling them it’s fake, even though it won’t be. And worse-case scenario, they red button you out of the arena, but you still have a load of cash as a consolation prize.

5. Blow the world's biggest bubble with gum

Now, this is pure talent. Anyone who has blown a bubble with gum knows that it is an unpredictable activity. We have no idea when that bubble is going to burst and force you to start over. This will truly wow the judges, and may even be golden buzzer worthy.

6. Jump rope on stilts

Walking around the stage on stilts is definitely not enough. You need to go above and beyond and jump rope while you’re on the stilts. This is truly a balancing act that is going to get some worried gasps. But if pulled off successfully, you’re gonna get a standing ovation and four yeses.

7. Stop time

Not sure how you’re going to pull this off, but if you do, you’re sure to get the golden buzzer. For your next trick, that is going to be the hard part. What more can you do after you stop time? Not much, but if you can figure out to stop time, you’ll be able to find something bigger and better.

8. Train chipmunks to sing

If they can make four movies about this, it can’t be that hard. All it takes is dedication and time commitment. It’ll shock the audience and the judges if you can pull this trick off. What’s a better reaction than that?

9. Levitate

Not just anyone can pull this trick off, it takes a special person. A never-seen-before trick is a one-of-a-kind, and this is it. Now, you can levitate anything, just make sure to get bigger and bigger with each round. Try to end on a high note, and levitate the largest thing you can. It will surely impress the judges.

10. Have two wiener dogs joust

Just like the guinea pig act, this is an adorable act. Imagine two wiener dogs running on the stubby legs to joust. It’ll be hard to say no to an act like that. Thus, you will receive four yeses and advance to the next round.

11. Show off some of your ninja skills

Sure, there are plenty of shows about ninjas, but with AGT, anything can happen. Start off small with your ninja-ness and keep adding to the act to thoroughly wow the judges. They like to think that they’ve seen it all, but this will add to the uniqueness of the show and win you some bonus points.

12. Play and win two video games at the same time

Two screens, two controllers. Up for the challenge? If yes, this will be super impressive. Not only will you have shown off your mad gamer skills, but also wowed the judges with two trophies for two different games at the same time. Talk about some multitasking. #WinnerMaterial

13. Perform the ultimate fidget spinner trick

This act will be a way to bring back fidget spinners. Spin as many as you can on whatever surface you can. This will get kids all geeked up about the toys and make them popular again. This will make you a trendsetter and AGT winner.

14. Train birds to operate and drive remote control cars

Birds are notorious for short attention spans, so this will be a super amazing act. Training birds to not only operate remote control cars, but also drive them in a way to avoid all obstacles. And if they do run into one another, bumper cars are a thing.

15. Pull off an intricate domino display

Dominoes are mesmerizing. You are sure to have the audience’s and judges’ full attention when demonstrating a domino display. Just make sure you have a steady hand, and refrain from knocking over the wrong tile at the wrong time. That would be grounds for four nos.