15 Great Tattoo Ideas for 'Harry Potter' fanatics

As someone who has been greatly impacted by the 'Harry Potter' books, I have always wanted a reminder of the story that captivated me as a child. I, also, am personally a big fan of tattoos. My birthday present when I turned 18 happened to be a tattoo that I got matching with my twin brother. Ever since then, I've always wanted to get another one, especially something that symbolized my love of the 'Harry Potter' series. Here are fifteen of my favorite ideas.


Hedwig is Harry's pet owl and a pivotal character in the franchise. Getting a snowy owl on your wrist is a great reminder of her sacrifice for Harry and the Wizarding World.

Your favorite 'Harry Potter' quote.

There are so many quotes throughout the entire series, some of them perfect ideas for a tattoo. One of my favorites is "One can never have enough socks."

Your Patronus 

If your go to 'Pottermore.com', you can take a quiz that shows you your Patronus. I've always thought it would be a cool idea to tattoo my Patronus (which is a dolphin) on my side.

The classic glasses and scar

This one is a little basic, but it's still a cute minimal tattoo that someone could put basically anywhere. I, personally, would put it on my wrist.

A little cartoon of your favorite character

There are many different, extremely talented, tattoo artists who would be super into creating a cute little cartoon of your favorite character. I would probably get McGonagall.

The outline of Hogwarts.

This tattoo would be great around your forearm, bicep, or even wrist. Hogwarts is such a unique, beautiful, castle that it would be any 'Potterhead's' dream to be able to see it every day--even in tattoo form.

The golden snitch

One of the most iconic parts of Harry Potter is Quidditch. The golden snitch would be a perfect, small, tattoo to get anywhere on your body.

Your house mascot wearing their patterned scarf

All Harry Potter fans know their Hogwarts house or have picked one to identify with. I think it would be an especially cute idea to get a tattoo of the mascot of your some cartoon style with the pattern scarf that each house is gifted.

A pile of spell books

It would be extremely cool, and easy, to search up a few of the spell books and school books used at Hogwarts and get them tattooed somewhere on your body. Some of the spell book look fairly cool! Maybe even get a few Lockhart books.

A phoenix 

Phoenixes make for an extremely cool tattoo if done well and they're a big part of the 'Harry Potter' series. A win win in my book!

The Dark Mark

While a very dark part of the novels, the Dark Mark is a well known symbol for the Death Eaters. They all have a tattoo on their forearms symbolizing their loyalty to Voldemort. It may be cool for some fans to also get the Dark Mark on their arm.

A favorite spell

I've seen a few pretty cool tattoos of different spells like Lumos and Nox. It could be cool to get your personalized wand shooting out a spell as a symbol of your love for 'Harry Potter'.

Dobby the house elf

While not the cutest character, Dobby is a hero in the series. I would happily sport a Dobby tattoo on my arm, especially if he had socks on his ears.

The last words of the series. 

J.K. Rowling ends the 'Harry Potter' series with the line "All is well". I think that it would be a perfect tattoo to get somewhere on the body, especially if paired with a snitch or some glasses and a scar.

The Marauder's Map

The Marauder's map is something I've always wanted tattooed on my body. I think it would be especially cool and personalized to get names of family members above footsteps on the map, showing that they've impacted your life.

Of course, there are millions of other ideas of perfect tattoos to get if you're a big fan of 'Harry Potter'. These are just a few of my favorites.

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