14 Ways To Say "I Love You" This Valentine's Day
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14 Ways To Say "I Love You" This Valentine's Day

A boyfriend's guide to a girlfriend's heart.

14 Ways To Say "I Love You" This Valentine's Day
Freddie Scott

Whether you are a lover or a hater of Valentine's Day, it is always nice to feel celebrated and appreciated by the one you love. Females sometimes have expectations or visions in their minds of how the whole day will play out, only to feel disappointed because her boyfriend had no idea this holiday was even a big deal. To prevent any future fights or breakups, behold the guide to what every girlfriend secretly hopes to receive on this Hallmark Holiday!

1. Your attention, ALL day!

This may sounds like a lot of work, and even though it is not tangible, it is the most appreciated gift to give your girlfriend. Every day life is so busy, so why not use this special day as an excuse to shut out the rest of the world and get lost in lovebird bliss?

2. Homemade Love Vouchers

For the budget-friendly boyfriend, this is sure to be a hit! Essentially, you make a coupon book, whether handmade or professionally printed, and customize them. Vouchers can include anything from housework done by you, a massage, date night or even an all paid for spa day for your special one. The ideas for this gift are endless, and they can be cashed in whenever she chooses

3. Flowers

There is nothing like a beautiful bouquet of flowers to sweep a girl off of her feet. If you really want to make this an extra special gift, have them secretly sent to her job or any public place she will be.

4. Dinner at Home

The secret ingredient to this gift is you! The meal needs to be picked, planned and prepared with all of your love and effort. This one time occasion will go unnoticed for the rest of the year. Be prepared to eat like a king for the next 364 days!

5. Rose petal bath by candle light

This is the perfect atmosphere to "set the mood." Candles, flowers and bubbles all at once? This gift kills three birds with one stone. You are sure to be let off the hook for anything you did "wrong" in the days leading up to Valentin's Day.

6. Chocolate-covered strawberries

Move over chocolate filled hearts, you have been outdated. These strawberries are a key to any girl's heart. They are sent fresh and partially frozen so no need to worry about melting. Depending on the vendor, they can be a little pricey, but she is worth it.

7. Handwritten love letter

This may seem like a lost tradition, but this is exactly why it will make her heart swoon. Taking the time to craft something on your very own and using words from your heart is going to make hers melt. Love is often associated with tradition, and bringing an old one back to life just for her will win her over. A handwritten poem can also take the place of a letter, which is really going above and beyond!

8. Jewelry

This is a gift that can be as costly or as affordable as you want. If the jewelry store is not your thing, you can check out sites, like Etsy, that offer custom-made jewelry for a great cost. What makes this so great is by taking the time to research and craft the idea with the artist, it adds more meaning to the jewelry!

9. Cuddles with a chick flick

Any boyfriend who will stay awake to "enjoy" one of her favorite movies are considered a keeper. It's not easy to sit for a couple hours and watch something unenjoyable, but the appreciation from her will carry long and far. Research some of the best chick flicks and make the suggestion to really wow her. FYI, one can never go wrong with Nicholas Sparks!

10. Her favorite perfume

Do you ever tell your girlfriend how amazing she smells, and then realize you have no idea what kind of perfume she wears? One morning, while shes getting ready to leave, take a peek at her perfume collection. Search for the smell you know is worn the most (because you pay that much attention) and surprise her with a new bottle or gift set. She will be thrilled to know you went out of your way to be sneaky just to surprise her!

11. Couples massage

She wants you in on the action too! This holiday is all about togetherness, so why not reap the rewards yourself as well? A great day of pampering and relaxation together is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time together.

12. A private night away

The hustle and bustle of home life is never ending. If a trip is not in the books, the best way to create a "night away" is to stay in a nice local hotel. Doing this will help to create an atmosphere of focusing on one another, taking away any thoughts of getting house chores or homework done. A way to make the most of this experience is to not use any electronics, except for emergencies of course.

13. Engagement ring

Even if she has said it is so cliché to get engaged on Valentine's Day, she secretly hopes you pop the question. If marriage has been a topic of conversation, and her birthday, your anniversary, Christmas and New Year's Eve has already passed, she is going to be hoping for it on this day. Romance is every girl's fantasy, and there is nothing more romantic than a proposal on the most romantic day of the year.

14. It's the thought that counts

Whatever you decide to do, any ackowledgemnt of her on this very day will be a job well done. A successful Valentine's Day all boils down to thought and effort, and as long as these two things are shown to her, you won't regret it.

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