Not all of us have a date for Valentine's Day, and frankly, that is more than okay. Valentine's Day has plenty of novelty fun to go along with it, and a lack of a significant other should be no reason to hinder your fun. Whether you love the chocolates, the romance, the valentines, the music, the flowers or the excuse to poke fun at sappy couples, there is always a reason to celebrate the day of love.

Think of your favorite people, show them some love, and show yourself some love, too! Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and we should start using Valentine's Day as another excuse to share our appreciation for the ones we love. Below are 14 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day whether you've got a friend or something more.

1. Call your mom and dad.

You love them. They love you. It's the day of love. Just do it.

2. Watch a rom com.

Even if you don't have a date, you can dream.

3. Eat more chocolate than would be acceptable on February 13.

If you don't incorporate chocolate into all your meals on Valentine's Day, is it even Valentine's Day?

4. Tell someone you love them.

Love isn't just for couples. Let someone know just how appreciated they are.

5. Do something for someone you admire.

Show some love to someone about whom there is so much to love.

6. Compliment a stranger.

There's no better love than the unexpected kind.

7. Tell someone a joke.

We all love to laugh, so we might as well help someone love their day a little more.

8. Make a list of gratitude.

Reflect on all the elements of life that make it worth living. What is there to love in life?

9. Give out valentines.

We all secretly love buying boxed valentines or crafting with construction paper and lace. Don't forget to be the kind of person that attaches candy.

10. Buy some roses.

Appreciate the beauty of life and nature. Keep them or give them away.

11. Give someone a hug.

Sometimes affection is better expressed through action.

12. Wear red or pink.

Holidays call for festive outfits and accessories. Break out of the heart necklaces while you're at it.

13. Take your pulse.

If Valentine's Day is all about hearts, get in tune with your own. Remind yourself of the life flowing through you thanks to your heart, and seek to share that life with others.

14. Listen to L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole.

The right soundtrack can put anyone in a holiday kind of mood.