14 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Friends
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14 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Friends

Creative get togethers to show your closest people that you love them

14 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Friends

Before recently achieving a best friend as a boyfriend, I was pretty single, but not sad. I had a lot of friends to celebrate with, single and in couples, who kept me great company during that one red and pink day. Here are 14 things to do with you and your friends.

1. Gift exchange!

Despite it being a romantic holiday, it is a day of gift giving. Embrace that aspect rather than the mushy sides with a gift exchange. Put a money limit on it, make it a theme, pull names, wrap it up and watch the love between friends rise.

2. Dinner for 4-5

Or more, depending what your group size is. Go out to dinner and show other couples how more fun you are being single, or as a group of friends.

3. Romantic Movies

Typical, but having a movie marathon is always a fun treat, and this is a great excuse holiday to do it. I highly recommend Twilight for a laugh.

4. Cupcakes and Treats

I love baking, and for a couple years in high school, I would always bring in nicely decorated cupcakes or candies for friends. It put a smile on their face, and mine, more than any significant other could probably bring about.

5. Bra Shopping

Seriously, the act of buying a new bra is therapeutic. Your wallet is empty if you go to Victoria Secret, but the boost in confidence is crazy. Taking friends with you is even better. Take the chance to be girly with friends, or make fun of the overly padded bras.

6. Go Visit an Animal Shelter

Nothing like getting love from animals, and giving love to the animals that need it most. I have never done this (and wish I had), but I heard the idea from another couple. What a thoughtful idea! The shelter will love it, and so will you and the animals.

7. Chunk Food Search

If you live in a city area, this is the best things to try out. Valentine's day is a known day for gorging in foods that are unhealthy to make the heartache go away. Well, make it fun with friends and take a long trip around town to find the junkiest food you can find. Pray it’s junky in the tasty way and not the throw up kind of way.

8. Alcohol Games

If you are old enough (or not), drinking games are a great to just forget and have fun. There are so many kinds that are easy to play. Honestly, I don’t even think you need the alcohol to have a good time with a lot of them.

9. Karaoke

Whether it at home or a karaoke bar, sing your heart out. You let loose and scream like in sex, but there’s no pressure to be good (bad joke?)

10. At Home Spa Day

If you are a Pinterest addict, ideas for a spa night aren’t hard to find. Have fun making homemade scrubs with friends, or using store bought facial masks. Match this kind of night with another activity for a girl’s night in.

11. Binge Women Empowering TV Shows

This is much different than the Rom-Com movie idea. Watch TV shows with powerful female figures to get yourself feeling confident on the couple-infested holiday. Game of Thrones, Gilmore Girls, Agent Carter, old Wonder Woman, Law and Order SVU, just to name a few.

12. Sleep Over

It embodies that above a lot, but is still something of its own kind. It’s a go with the flow kind of night, with gossip bonding and loving smiles. And likely smores somewhere in there too.

13. Plan a Book Circle

Not many people read these days, or have the time to read, more accurately. Plan a reading circle with friends of a terrible romantic novel, a super woman detective, or a mass murder of all men.

14. Say I Love You!

This is the most important thing of all. The phrase “I love you” is really strange and can mean different to different perceptions. But on this day, if you’re feeling alone, your friends are always there. You love them and they love you, so say it on this day of celebrating the bond between humans.

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