14 Things Students Miss About College In The Summer

Although summer vacation means no more research papers and no more all-nighters, if you aren’t at least a little heartbroken leaving your college, then you picked the wrong school.

Yes, we love the freedom that summer brings us but here are 14 things that we miss about college while being home for the summer:

1.Being walking distance from your best friends

All of your closest friends either live with you, across the hall, or across the street. Getting everyone together is never an issue, all you have to do is show up to their door.

2. Not having to tell your parents everywhere you go.

Ahhh the sweet taste of freedom. Want to roam the streets at 3 a.m. (not recommended) but sure go for it! You don’t have any supervision telling you not to!

3. There’s always something to do at school

For some reason, summer can be extremely boring at times. While at school there is ALWAYS something to do. If your bored just drag your roommate to the pool or to the gym (location may vary depending on school).

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4. Everything you need is super close

Food, the gym, the library, the track, and anything else you may need is all within walking distance so retrieving your necessities are never a hassle.

5. Nights out just aren’t the same when you’re not at your regular spot at school

Although you definitely have your spots at home, there is quite nothing like your go-to spots at school *The Station Bar and Grill*. You get to walk into the place and see the girl who sits behind you in calculus and the boy who never shuts up from writing, but at least you all know each other. For some reason, seeing your classmates out can be super weird but low-key love it and you guys will act like best friends every time. Even though after the semester is over you will probably never talk to them again. You just don’t get the same feeling at home.

6. Getting to live with your best friends instead of your annoying siblings

Yes, you love your siblings but you don’t get the choice to live with them, this way at least you can live with your friends and its NEVER a bore in your room. Singing and dancing while having a wine night with your roommates just isn’t the same when you try it with your brothers.

7. Parents aren’t constantly nagging you about responsibilities

Although they only mean well, let’s face it you’re either going to A: neglect or B: procrastinate your responsibilities. Either way it’s nice when you don’t have mom or dad nagging you about it constantly. This way you can neglect your responsibilities in peace.

8. Your school friends.

Don’t get me wrong I love my friends from home to death, but it’s weird when you are with your school friends every day for months and then you are just supposed to go and be apart for 4 months. All of a sudden, you’re in multiple long distance relationships and you are constantly texting each other about how much you miss one another. @Vic it’s only been 2 weeks apart.

9. Your room can be as messy as you’d like.

While living on your own at school you never have to hear, “What did a tornado hit your room?” If you want your whole closet to be on the floor, then go for it! Now that you are home, if one pillow is fluffed the wrong way, it’s the end of the world and you WILL be getting that phone call.

10. Being on a set schedule.

Eventually, summer starts to feel weird, besides if you work during the summer because that schedule can constantly change, there really is no set schedule to your days. You can go to bed at 4 a.m. and wake up at 1 p.m. and it’s totally normal. By time august comes we are actually begging to have a normal set schedule to make our lives feel a little but more organized.

11. Always being around college students.

Being at school is like being in a little world only filled with kids your age. As soon as you see a baby or a parent on campus it’s like a rare species has entered your territory and you’re not sure how to act. “Omg a child, make no sudden movements.” Now that we are home we no longer are surrounded by our own kind 24/7.

12. The weird things that are only acceptable at college.

Since we are in our own college world, we understand each other. While you are at school, you can see a kid taking a nap in footie pajamas in the middle of the library and think, “yeah same.” However, this is not seen as socially acceptable outside of campus life. I’ve seen kids order pizza to their classrooms before.

13. How easy it is to get along with family while you’re away.

For some reason when you are away from your family for a long time, everyone is super nice to each other and you are all one big happy family. As soon as you’ve been home for a while you have all the reasons to yell at each other. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

14. You’re home away from home.

Not only do we miss all of the things that college offers to us, we miss the college itself. It’s our home away for home. This is the place all our best memories lie and leaving it for four months feels weird because this has become our new home. There always something weird about creating a new life at school and then having to come home for the summer and go back to your old life.

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