Thank You Best Friends.
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Thank You Best Friends.

7. To help you procrastinate

Thank You Best Friends.

Your BFFs are your go-to people. They're always there to pick you up when you fall, after laughing of course. Whether you are together or 1,000 miles apart, they just get you. These are 14 things you can always count on your best friends for:

1. Impromptu Target trips

Target never disappoints. You walk in the store to buy napkins, but when you leave, you have at least $50 worth of stuff you totally needed. Being able to this with someone else is just the best.

2. To remind you its hair washing day

Life is busy, and quite frankly, sometimes we just need this reminder. Nobody needs to be walking around with dirty hair.

3.To tell you what shoes to wear

Flats or heels? Black or nude? This is when your BFF comes into play. They just somehow turn into your personal stylist, and it is the best.

5. To help you decide what to eat for dinner

Choosing what to eat is really hard. Shout out to all my people who give me suggestions almost daily for my indecisive self.

6. For new drink suggestions at Starbucks

Have you ever tried a Strawberry Acai Refresher with lemonade? Well you need to.

7. To help you procastinate

Procrastination just seems to happen. Might as we enjoy it. Whether it is a thought provoking question or stupid game, they will always help you out.

8. To FaceTime for hours at a time

Texting is so much effort. However with Facetime, you can just spill all your thoughts out there while doing homework. Talk about a win.

9. To be there to listen to you rant

99% of the rants you share to each other, the other person has no idea what you are talking about. We all need to get things off our chest and have someone tell us we are right even when they really do not know what is going on.

10. To tell it's okay to eat cake

Salad gets boring. If you are going to treat yourself, grab a buddy and enjoy!

11. To remind you of your good side

Pro-tip: Find a friend with an opposite good side. You both look great in the picture, so you really can't go wrong.

12. Always down for spontaneous trips

To go to corn mazes.To buy Reptar Bars. To eat pancakes. You name a place, and they are always down.

13. To approve of wearing pajamas all day

Real clothes suck. Everyone needs to just take days to do nothing. Pajamas and binge-watching Netflix is always acceptable to me.


14. To boost your confidence

Surround yourself with those who tell say you are a solid 10/10 even when you don't feel it. A simple compliment goes a long way, and coming from one of your people, is the best.

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