Some people use make-up as a form of art or expression, some people use to it make themselves feel better about their insecurities, or to boost their confidence. Everyone has their own make-up preferences, but if you’re like me, make-up is a daily routine, even though it might not be too in depth. Here’s a list of feelings you might recognize if you’re a low maintenance make-up person.

1. You never leave the house without make-up, even if it’s just foundation.

Cosmo's Snapchat once told me that you should always wear at least foundation and mascara because they make you look more awake.

2. You can adjust your make-up routine based on how much time you have.

Woke up ten minutes before class? Slap on some mascara and call it good. Have a full hour and a half before you have to be anywhere? Bust out the falsies and lip liner and treat yourself.

3. You prefer the “natural” look, but you do know how to spice things up.

Sometimes, a pop of colorful eye liner on your lower lid is just as impressive as well-groomed eyebrows.

4. Make-up tutorials are frightening and inspiring at the same time.

Are you an artist or a magician? OR BOTH?!?

5. You have to convince yourself to spend a lot of money on make-up.

I am a huge supporter of drug store make-up, but if you've been good, you deserve that Urban Decay palette!

6. Or pay someone else to do your make-up.

Can't I just learn how to do this from Youtube?

7. You can’t remember the last time you cleaned your brushes.

Or you don't even know the proper way to clean your brushes, so you usually just end up buying new ones.

8. When you do go all out for a special occasion, you take as many selfies as humanly possible.

Commemorate this moment because you look drop dead gorgeous and the whole world needs to know it.

9. When you get the chance to do a full look, you appreciate and savor every second.

Putting on make-up is almost therapeutic, especially before a big date or other special occasion.

10. You always look put together enough that people don’t ask “Are you sick/tired/etc.” even if you’re only wearing minimal make-up.

You definitely don't get as many compliments as when you do a full face, but hey, I wear make-up for myself, not for anyone else.

11. You can kind of do a winged eyeliner, but it takes a lot of concentration.

Just don't ask me to do any of those fancy wings, like double-winged. One is hard enough.

12. You think bright or dramatic looks are absolutely stunning, but you know you’d be too nervous to even attempt it yourself.

Dark eyeshadow, bold red lips, and neon highlighters, oh my!

13. When people in make-up tutorials start naming off all sorts of products that you don’t recognize or know how to use.

What even is primer? And "non-touring" is a thing now?

14. You always feel confident and fabulous, no matter how much or how little make-up you have on.