Let's face it every group has one. You're not the pretty, popular Rachel, the intellectual, 3x divorced Ross, the weird, eccentric Phoebe, the playboy, slightly dumb Joey, or even the sarcastic, awkward Chandler. You're the Monica. Although you're slightly crazy and bossy, in all honestly the group wouldn't work without you.

1. You're the go to friend if anything needs to get done. Sure, some people may call you "bossy", but you like to consider yourself effective.

2. You cave to all your friends requests. One of your friends needs 10 bucks...you're the first one they ask. One of them needs to borrow your car...you're first on their list. One of them want a free meal... they are already at your door. You get the picture.

3. Ya, the "sexy one" - that was definitely taken by one of your other friends.

4. You're never one to sugar-coat things to your friends - which is one something they both love and hate you for.

5. You may get a bit competitive... which is probably why none of your friends invite you to game night. "Losing" is not in your vocabulary.

6. Your friends might have tried to sign you up for a few anger-management classes.

7. None of your friends are jealous of your dance moves... or hairstyles...or much else of yours for that matter, but you still rock them anyways.

8. After a party, you're the first person your friends want to call. Mostly because your mop and broom are loaded and ready.

9. Food is your second biggest priority... besides, you know, breathing. Your friends know not to get between you and a candy bar.

10. You tend to not be the first person they tell their secrets to, but only because they know that it is bound to come out first in an argument.

11. You don't necessary have a way with words... or really men for that matter. But don't worry you'll find your Chandler eventually.

12. You're not necessarily the "cool" one of the group, either. #awkwardphase

13. You're not afraid to make a fool of yourself, in fact you're a regular at it. But it makes your friends laugh, so its okay.

14. Most of all though, you're the one your friends can always count on to be there for them *cue I'll be There for You*