14 Signs You Went to Glenvar High School
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14 Signs You Went to Glenvar High School

Once a Highlander, Always a Highlander

14 Signs You Went to Glenvar High School
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You might have gone to Glenvar High School if....

1. Whenever you see the Green Bay logo you think of your alma mater instead.

Coincidence? I think not...

2. You've walked into the building since the renovation and you have no idea where you are.

3. The words "spark plug" mean something totally different in your vocabulary.

4. You take great pride in making sure The Rocking Chair stays on the Glenvar campus.

5. "Pride" and "With pride" is something you take extremely seriously.

You know it means something bigger than yourself.

6. The phrase "booty crank" is normal to you, and calls for an instant cranking of the booty.

7. The term 'band geek' doesn't apply.

8. You get hype like a jack rabbit on Mountain Dew when you hear "Beat Giles"

And obviously you have to scream it at the top of your lungs.

9. Football games aren't complete unless you hear a cowbell ringing.

Or unless you hear the Drumline.

10. You're a boy and you're efficient in walking in heels, wearing an inch of makeup and a wig.


11. Bagpipes are music to your ears.

12. Kilts and plaid are appropriate fashion statements.

13. When you think of your high school, you think of family.

14. You would do anything to help a fellow Highlander.

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