14 Reasons To Get A Dog As A College Senior
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14 Reasons To Get A Dog As A College Senior

Doggies are the best study buddies.

14 Reasons To Get A Dog As A College Senior
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This past weekend, I flew 400 miles in order to meet a very important new member of the family—my sister’s new puppy. As a junior in college, I’ve been thinking more and more about when the right time to get a dog will be. After spending the weekend playing, snuggling, and cuddling, I realized that there are many more benefits to getting a dog toward the end of your college career than many might realize. Of course, getting a dog is a huge responsibility that should not be taken on without careful consideration.

Anyone planning to get a dog should thoroughly research the cost, time, and care that must go into having a pet. It’s important to consider factors such as shedding, vet bills, food costs, and time availability. It’s also essential to look into which type of dog breed would be best for your lifestyle, which in college can often mean getting a small dog that can easily travel and be in a smaller apartment or dorm. When getting a dog, especially a puppy, you must realize that you are taking full responsibility for a life, and must be able to have the time and resources to fully care for and train it. It’s also important to know your plans for post-graduation and know that you should never get a dog if there is any chance that you will have to give it up to a shelter.

But, if you carefully consider all of that, and still decide that you should get one, you totally won't regret it.

1. Their overwhelming cuteness.

Whether they’re doing something adorable or just being their lovable, furry selves, dogs always seem to have a way of making everyone in the room go “aww!”

2. Your social life will explode. In a good way.

Because no one can resist playing with a new dog or puppy, you’ll suddenly have friends dropping by to “say hi” all the time—to the puppy. Before you know it, your room has become a hub of activity and social gatherings.

3. You'll have your own personal alarm clock that can actually pull your blanket off of you.

Even if you have class or things to do, it's pretty hard to get up and get moving some days as a college student, a habit that will quickly vanish if you have an excited, wiggly, hungry new puppy in your life. You may be able to press snooze on your alarm clock 50 times, but with a puppy it's not so easy.

4. You'll actually have to learn how to budget.

Dog food costs money, whether we like it or not. You'll have to budget and plan ahead, a skill which you’ll definitely need to master for post-graduation.

5. There is literally no better companion for homework and chores.

First of all, they won’t distract you with chatting or whistling while you attempt to work. Secondly, having an adorable fur ball is a major bonus because they'll make tedious tasks seem much less dreadful. Plus, you can actually try the classic “dog ate my homework” excuses (warning: the likelihood of that working is slim to none).

6. It’s no secret that dogs make their owners, and pretty much everyone, very happy.

Not to mention you can dress them up in some adorable doggy costumes and parade them around campus, spreading laughter and joy to all who witness this level of adorableness.

7. You’ll learn to keep your room a lot cleaner.

After your favorite shirt or shoes have been thoroughly chewed through, you’ll quickly learn to keep your floor free of potential puppy hazards and any valued possessions.

8. You'll get to practice your patience muscle.

You'll have to grind to get through the hours spent training and potty training. But it'll be worth it when your pup no longer poos on your bed or when she becomes an international acrobatic sensation.

9. Before you know it, you’ll probably be a professional dog groomer.

Because no one on a college budget has the money or time to go to an actual groomer.

10. You'll learn how to care for someone else besides just you.

Besides occasionally caring for your friends on a rough night out, us college students basically only have to look out for ourselves.

11. Between walking, feeding, and playing, you’ll finally need to get into a regular routine.

Yet another skill you will definitely need out there in the real world.

12. As a student, you don’t have to be at work every day, and will be able to devote more of your time to training and raising a dog.

Plus, when you have to go to class, there’s no shortage of friends who are willing to take a puppy off your hands to play with them for an hour or two.

13. You have a permanent snuggle buddy at all times.

Because who doesn’t need a puppy to snuggle to get them through finals week?

14. As a young adult, it’s a good first commitment to make if you’re ready for it.

Though it’s not to be mistaken with a short-term commitment, it’s a step towards starting an adult(ish) life.

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