14 Phases Of Spring Semester For Every College Student

14 Phases Of Spring Semester For Every College Student

Coffee + Library + No Sleep = Studying For Finals.

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Ah, spring semester. It means the school year is half over, summer is in sight, and another round of finals is hurdling scarily close. With the last week fast approaching, let's take a look at the progressive phases of second semester.

1. Starting the new semester with a sense of ambition and hope.

2. The work starts coming, but you’re still determined to pull off those A’s.

3. Now you start counting down the days till spring break …

4. Midterms. Enough said.

5. FINALLY… spring break!

6. Post-vacation blues.

7. When March weather starts playing tricks. Is it winter? Spring? Summer?

8. Keeping track of how many free skips you have left for classes.

9. Realizing you only have three weeks left and thirty assignments to do. Panic mode.

10. Feeling bittersweet knowing you’re getting one semester closer to graduation.

11. Fitting in your last hurrahs before exams.

12. Coffee + Library + No sleep = Studying for finals.

13. Taking the exam and wishing you’d kept up that ambition and hope from the start of the semester.

14. Walking out of your last exam. Goodbye, spring semester!

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