13 Memes About Lent All Catholics Will Understand

13 Memes About Lent All Catholics Will Understand

The struggle is real.

For Catholics, the 40-day period of prayer, repentance, and atonement is coming to a close. Although many may have gotten this far without cheating on their promised sacrifices, that does not mean the struggle isn't present. Here are 14 memes from the Internet that perfectly express Catholics during Lent.

1. Preparing on Fat Tuesday for the Lenten season by eating every possible craving you've ever had.

2. Because you know that come Ash Wednesday...

3. Trying to decide when to eat your large meal on a fasting day:

4. You leave the ashes from Ash Wednesday on all day because they actually look like a cross this time.

5. Giving an acknowledging head nod to every person on the street who also has their ashes on their forehead:

6. When your non-Catholic friends are confused by "the black smudge" on your forehead:

7. The struggle of deciding what to give up for lent:

8. And then realizing a few hours in that it's going to be harder than you thought.

9. So now you're trying not to complain every 10 seconds about what you gave up.

10. Forgetting that you can't eat meat on Friday.

11. Out of habit, you still end up at a fast food place on Friday, so your only option is...

12. That one person that forgets to not sing "Hallelujah" during mass:

13. Feeling so tempted halfway through Lent like...

Hang in there. It's almost Easter.

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An Open Letter To Every Girl With A Big Heart, Except When It Comes To Herself

Because it's so much easier to love everyone around you before yourself.

They say the key is that you have to "love yourself before you can love anyone else," or before "anyone can love you."

For those who deal with mass amounts of anxiety, or have many insecurities, that can be an extremely hard task. It seems much easier to tell your friend who is doubting herself that she looks great in that top than to look in the mirror and feel the same about yourself. It is much easier to tell your significant other that everything is going to be OK than to believe it will be when something goes wrong in your life. It becomes easier to create excuses for the ones around you than for yourself, and this is because you have such a big heart. You want those that you love to be happy and worry-free, yet you spend nights thinking about everything you have on your plate, about what you did wrong that day, fearing if someone in your life is mad at you, believing that you will never be good enough yet convincing everyone else that they are.

You are the girl with the biggest heart, yet you can't love yourself the way you care for everyone else in your life. There are many reasons that you should love yourself, though, and that's something that everyone around you is willing to tell you.

You're thoughtful.

Before doing anything, you always consider how it is going to affect those around you. You don't want to do anything that could hurt someone, or something that could make someone mad at you. It does not take much to make you happy, just seeing others happy does the job, and it is that simple. Because of this, you remember the little things. Meaningful dates, small details, and asking someone how their day was is important to you, and it makes those around you feel important too. You simply just want the people that you care about to be happy, and that is an amazing trait.

You're appreciative.

You don't need a big, fancy, and expensive date night to make you happy. Whether it's a picnic on the beach or a night in watching a movie, you're happy to just be with the person that you love. You appreciate every "good morning" text, and it truly does mean something when someone asks how you are. You tend to appreciate the person that you're with more than the things that they provide and for that, your sincerity will never go unnoticed.

You have a lot of love in your heart.

Every "I love you" has meant something, just as you remember the smallest moments that have meant the most to you. You remember the look in your significant other's eyes when they told you that for the first time. You remember the smile on your best friend's face when you told them that everything was going to be OK and that you would always be there. You remember the swell of happiness your parents felt when you decided to surprise them with a trip home one day, and you thrive off of all of that love.

You don't give up on the people you love, even if they have given you a reason to.

It is a foreign idea to just drop someone from your life, even if they betrayed you. You try to look at their mistake from every stance, not wanting to provide an excuse for them, but to give them another chance. Not everyone deserves it, and that is something that you learn along the way, but you feel good in the sense that you gave them a chance even if no one else would.

It's OK to not love yourself all the time. It's normal, and natural to stand in the mirror and think about everything wrong. And it's OK to love other people, even when you can't feel the same about yourself. But your big heart is why you should love yourself. There are so many reasons that you are a beautiful person, and the people that you spend all your time caring about feel that you have so much more to offer the world, and yourself.

So, next time you think about what you don't like about yourself, remember what makes you special –– the size of your heart and all of the love in it, and then share that love with yourself.

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Feminism Has Nothing To Do With Religion; So Stop Making The Correlation

Think about the women around the world who don't have it like we do.


I will start by I respect all sorts of different opinions, so long as they are supported by fact. I think the ability to cultivate what makes sense to each of us is a really strong part of what it means to be human. If we were all meant to share the same level of intelligence or the same thought process, we wouldn't progress in the way that we should.

That being said, I read an article recently that discussed religion and how it ties into gender equality (or lack thereof) and what it means to be a feminist.

If we're going by the logic that arguments should be supported by fact, using the Bible (or any religious text, for that matter) as a reference or 'factual' resource to support an argumentative claim doesn't quite make sense, since it isn't relevant to everyone and doesn't have any credible authors.

Not everyone lives their lives based off of the morals presented in any given religious text, therefore it isn't necessarily right to base an argument solely based off of your faith.

I've been a self-proclaimed feminist for as long as I remember. Growing up, I was taught that I could do anything I set my mind to. I was taught that I can accomplish any goal I set out to accomplish, and my gender had nothing to do with my capabilities.

Intersectional feminism is the advocacy for equal rights for men and women, regardless of class, race or other traditionally discriminatory factors. It is inclusive and it is not matriarchal.

Today, we live in a progressive world where things are constantly changing and improving. From technology to medical advances to the way we are able to communicate, we are becoming a better world with each and every passing day.

I have a problem with the idea that I am meant to submit to a man. Sure, women and men are different biologically. But are we really that different?

I mean, if you really think about it, is there any job in the workforce that a woman is incapable of doing? Is there any language or idea or concept that a woman is incapable of understanding? Is there any single sport that is physically impossible for a woman to complete?

What is so wrong with wanting to be perceived as equal to a man?

The issue I have is not with the label; You don't have to call yourself a feminist. Personally, I believe intersectional feminism is something to be proud of, something (in an ideal world) more people would be proud to claim, but I realize that with the negative connotation feminism has adopted in recent years, some people may be afraid of adopting the label, and some may just not want to.

However, there are over 130 million girls in the world who don't have access to an education just because they're girls. That is a problem.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am respectful of opinions that differ from mine, but I have a problem with close-mindedness. I have an issue with disregarding the fact that women outside of the United States and other first-world countries suffer inequality in a way 21st-century women like myself cannot understand.

As a white woman living in the United States, I most likely have it better than a majority of women in the world. My privilege does not go unnoticed. I'm a feminist for the women who aren't given a voice, an opportunity or an education.

You don't have to be a feminist. You don't have to take advantage of gender equality if you don't want to. I just ask that you don't let your personal beliefs and the way that you want to live your life get in the way of the fight for gender equality for women across the world.

If it weren't for the women who came before us, we wouldn't have many of the rights we have today. We wouldn't be given an equal opportunity for education. We wouldn't even be able to express our opinions as we do.

All women deserve to live a life where they aren't afraid. They deserve equal access to education and equal opportunity to pursue any path of life they want.

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