For Catholics, the 40-day period of prayer, repentance, and atonement is coming to a close. Although many may have gotten this far without cheating on their promised sacrifices, that does not mean the struggle isn't present. Here are 14 memes from the Internet that perfectly express Catholics during Lent.

1. Preparing on Fat Tuesday for the Lenten season by eating every possible craving you've ever had.

2. Because you know that come Ash Wednesday...

3. Trying to decide when to eat your large meal on a fasting day:

4. You leave the ashes from Ash Wednesday on all day because they actually look like a cross this time.

5. Giving an acknowledging head nod to every person on the street who also has their ashes on their forehead:

6. When your non-Catholic friends are confused by "the black smudge" on your forehead:

7. The struggle of deciding what to give up for lent:

8. And then realizing a few hours in that it's going to be harder than you thought.

9. So now you're trying not to complain every 10 seconds about what you gave up.

10. Forgetting that you can't eat meat on Friday.

11. Out of habit, you still end up at a fast food place on Friday, so your only option is...

12. That one person that forgets to not sing "Hallelujah" during mass:

13. Feeling so tempted halfway through Lent like...

Hang in there. It's almost Easter.