1. You have to be confident in how great you really are.
Each of us have something that we are very good at, find it and own it. 

2. But you also have to know that you need help sometimes.
Each of us, at some point in our lives, will be the scandal and it is not cowardly, but brave, to ask for fixing. 

3. A glass of wine can fix any problem.
Drink up. 

4. Always stand up for yourself.
Olivia never let Millie cross the line, neither should you. 

5. The key to being successful at anything is to be twice as good.
Something is standing in between each of us and our goals. It is always going to be easier for someone else than it is for you. Work harder.

6. There is always another way to reach your goal, no matter how many times you have failed.
There is always another entrance, no matter how many doors have been slammed in your face.

7. You have to know how much you are worth.
Never allow yourself to be underestimated or disregarded. 

8. To know how much you deserve.
This one is simple. 

9. Trust your instincts.
Our gut may not be as impressive or as loud as Olivia's but still trust it, it's all you've got.

10. You have to take personal time when you need it.
Even if it is just one minute of quiet; take it and cherish it. 

11. You are a very powerful person.
OK, maybe not as powerful as Olivia Pope but you have more power than you know. 

12. Sometimes it takes a whole bottle of wine to fix it.
Drink up more. 

13. You should always try and wear the white hat.
Always live with the best intentions and work for the good of humanity. Also, it is never too late to turn around and put the white hat back on, no matter how dirty it has gotten. 

14. If you are ever in need of any life lessons, know that Olivia Pope has got you covered.