14 Halloween Costumes for Broke College Students
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14 Halloween Costumes for Broke College Students

Take a look at some awesome costumes that are hiding in the depths of your closet.

14 Halloween Costumes for Broke College Students

Since Halloween is coming up, I decided to write down some Halloween costume ideas that aren't expensive and are probably still in stores if you need to run out an grab one before the big night. Please note that since I am a female, most them relate to female costume.

However, most if not all can be converted to some great male costumes as well. So here are 14 costumes that will work for a college student's budget.

1: The Witch

A classic, but still fun to pull off. All it takes is a maxi shirt or your little black dress, the witches hat from Walmart, and possibly some stick-on-warts from your local Halloween store, and you are set. Soon, you'll be casting love spells on the boys, and making the administration forget that didn't pay off tuition yet.

2. The Minion

Now while everyone most likely is pretty tired of these little guys, it still would be a fun and relatively easy costume to pull off. For option one, simply grab a yellow t-shirt, some overalls and some black shoes. You can buy you goggles, or paint them on, or just forget them since you're going to lose them before the night is through. Option two involves you running to Walmart once again and grabbing the Minion onesie that they are selling right now. Throw on some black shoes, throw the hood up, and out you go. The best part is, you now have some new pj's to wear when it get colder outside.

3. The Police Officer

This is also considered to be a classic. All it takes is some black pants, or a black skirt, blue shirt and a black hat. The patches that come on most of the $40 costumes aren't really needed to show that you are a cop, but I highly recommend going to Walmart or your local toy store to grab some plastic handcuffs and a badge.

4. The Ghost

All you will need for this is a white sheet, scissors, and a belt or rope. Cut out some eye holes and a mouth hole if you wish. Then place the sheet over your head. Now usually that would end this classic costume, but let's spice it up. Tie the rope, or apply the belt, around your waist. This will show off your ghostly figure. Add in some leggings or some jeans underneath if it's cold, and you are ready to go.

5. Jelly Bean Bag

There is always somewhere on campus that has garbage bags, and that is what you will need for this costume. Grab a clear garbage bag, or totally buy some from the store, and then run over to the Dollar Store, or Walmart. Pick up three to four bags of balloons. Fill up all the balloon you'd like, cut a leg hole for your legs and get inside the bag. Fill the bag up with the balloons and then tie the bag around your shoulder or neck (lightly... DO NOT CUT OFF YOUR AIR SUPPLY). And you are done.

6. The Vampire

This could get expensive depending on how far you want to get into it. But the basics of the vampire costume are the teeth and some dark circles under the eyes. The dark circles can be done through the use of smudging eyeliner, grey face paint, or even grey or black eye shadow. You can add a cape or fake blood if you wish, or take off into Twilight territory and add some glitter.

7. The Nerd

This is probably one of my favorites, because I am half way there. You need some glasses (real or fake) tape, bow tie and/or suspenders, black pants, white button up shirt or "nerd" shirt, and a notebook or one of the $300 books you can't sell back to the book store because they went out of addition. Wrap the tape around the nose part of the glasses, tuck the shirt in, bring the pants up high, and carry that book with pride. It also helps if you talk with a nasally voice, or put your hair up in pigtails.

8. The Fairy

A fairy is a costume that doesn't get much hype, but is relatively cheap to make. All that is needed is a dollar store set of wings and wand. You can dress is up with a pair of leggings and a shirt that matches your wings, or just a pair of shorts with a tank top. This isn't a very demanding costume. I mean, if the Rock could do it, so can you.

9. The Hipster

While most may joke about the hipster in society, it is time to admire them from afar. For this costume, you will need some flannel, jeans, boots, beanie, and wide rimmed black glasses. If there are any 3D movies coming out, this would be the perfect place to get some wide rimmed black glasses. Just pop out the lenses and you are good. As for the rest, try at a Goodwill, or go to your local Walmart and buy something that you are likely to wear later on. Though we live in Florida, it does get cold here sometimes, and flannel is good thing to keep handy.

10. The Jock

This is probably one you do without even realizing it. Take a jersey or any sport shirt you own, add a pair of pants, and then buy some beads from the Dollar Store that match the colors and boom you are done. To spice it up, grab the ball that your sport team uses and talk about it constantly.

11. The Classic 21st Birthday

This can either be practice or a reenactment of your 21st birthday. You will need a birthday sash, a shot cup necklace, and some normal clothes. Talk with a slur, and stumble around a bit, and enjoy pretending to be drunk... safely please.

12. The Tourist

This is also known as The Tacky Tourist. You will need some tube socks, sandals, shorts, Hawaiian t-shirt, visor, fanny pack, sun glasses, and a map of Florida. All of this can be found at any Goodwill or Walmart, or most importantly your own closet. Remember to snap a lot of pictures on your phone doing cliche tourist poses.

13. The Student Bill

Have you ever seen the hotel episode of "Spongebob Squarepants?" Well in case you haven't, here is the basic idea. Students always complain about how much they are paying for school, and I am right there with you. For this costume you need some cardboard or poster paper, one for the front and one for the back. Write down everything you think you pay for and some crazy price in big letters with black markers. Some example are: Grass $20,000 Wifi $4.00 Food $1,000 Rocks $100,000. Make is as funny as you'd like. Punch some holes in the top corners and connect the two with some yarn or rope. Then put it over your head and you are the student bill.

14. The Broke College Student

This is one that costs little to no money what so ever. Put on your favorite pair of sweats, stained t-shirt from high school, a mess up you hair, and grab a sweatshirt too. Grab some Ramen from your drawer or some mac and cheese cups and off you go. If someone asks why you didn't dress up, kindly tell them that you are a broke college student.

I hope you all have a very spooky, and very safe Halloween!

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