14 Foods That Remind You of Middle School

When we were kids, we all usually ate the same variety of foods for cold lunch. Our mom would make us different lunches to satisfy our little bellies. There was always the hot lunch vs. cold lunch squad, and I was usually stuck with food from my lunch box.

Being a commuter in college, I pack lunches like its a religion and I have become the 6-year-old I once was! Many, many years later, I find myself still making and eating these go-to foods.

1. A peanut butter and jelly

Nothing is more OG than the pb&j

2. Pizza

Cold or hot I will always eat pizza any day of the night

3. Ham sandwich

I am a college student yet I still find myself making these every week

4. Mac & Cheese

The older I get, the more love I have for my favorite comfort food

5. Chicken Tenders

Dinosaur or not, I can literally eat these any night of the week

6. Cheese Quesadillas

Such a simple concept yes it has my tongue rooollllllllllliiiiinnnnggg

7. French Fries

God's grace given in food form

8. Grilled Cheese

Comfort foods finest delight

9. Slider burger/Hotdog

Everyone has so much hate for hotdogs, but I really can't go without them #sorrynotsorry

10. Cinnamon Buns

A breakfast item that has 300+ calories, but is so irresistible

11. Grandmas "Cookie Toast"

Toast with Cinnamon & Sugar is a must-try if you haven't

12. Mc... yes... McDonald's

We don't want to admit it, but there will always be a little love for Ronald McDonald

13. Juice Boxes

I still feel self-conscious when I whip out a juice box on my college campus...But who really cares.

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