14 Firsts For College Freshman

Freshman year. Living away from home for maybe the first time in your life. For many people, freshman year brings a large amount of firsts. I decided to compile a list of both positive and negative first experiences freshman may have. All of these firsts help you grow as a person, and they make you one step closer to being an adult.

1. First weekend you get to sleep in without having to listen to your parents whine and complain.

2. First Monday morning you wake up at three in the afternoon and realize you slept through half of your classes.

3. First time you find out how long you can stretch your wardrobe without having to do laundry.

4. First time you realize you probably shouldn't go three weeks without doing laundry.

5. First time you get to go grocery shopping without adult supervision.

6. First pounds of the freshman 15.

7. First day you get to wear whatever you want to class without having to worry about dress codes.

8. First day you realize that wearing a tank top and shorts isn't smart when you have class until after dark.

9. First time you make friends with your upstairs neighbor.

10. First time you wake up at seven in the morning on a day you don't have class because the walls and floors are so thin that you can hear your upstairs neighbor's alarm clock going off. Every. Monday. Morning.

11. First time you realize you can adjust your schedule so you don't have Friday classes.

12. First class that ends at 9:45 at night

13. First walk of shame home from your best friend's house after a long night of partying.

14. First night that makes you realize there is no place else you would rather be.

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