1. Joey and Chandler’s big white dog actually belonged to Jennifer Aniston. A friend gave it to her as a good-luck gift when the show started.

2.In 1997, they banded together to negotiate a salary increase to $100,000 per episode. It was the first time in TV history that cast members had done this.

3. “The One Where No One’s Ready” takes place entirely in Monica’s apartment because the show didn’t have a large enough budget for guest stars or additional sets. (probably because they all asked for a salary increase lol)

4. Monica’s apartment changed from number 5 to number 20 when the show’s writers realised that “5” wouldn’t denote an apartment on an upper level floor in a large block. So they matched, Chandler’s also changed from 4 to 19.

5.The storyline of Phoebe carrying her brother’s triplets was written because Lisa Kurdrow was pregnant in real life. Although, she still had to wear padding on top of her baby bump to portray triplets.

6.Bruce Willis appeared in the show for free after losing a bet about whether The Whole Nine Yards would be No. 1 in the box office on its opening weekend with Matthew Perry. He donated his fee to charity.

7.Marcel was actually a girl monkey named Katie.

8.Ellen DeGeneres turned down an offer to play Phoebe. (Can you imagine what smelly cat might sound like WITHOUT Lisa Kurdrow

9.Lisa Kudrow had already been guest-starring on Mad About You as Ursula Buffay for two years before Friends aired. They decided to make Phoebe a twin to create a crossover between the two shows. (I didn't even know there was a crossover. This is one of the very few FRIENDS facts I did not know)

10.The orange couch in Central Perk was found in the basement of the Warner Bros. studio.

11.Courteney Cox had to film the scene in which Rachel has Emma just after having a miscarriage. (THIS MADE ME SO SAD! Can you imagine the struggle she went through?)

12. Matthew Perry struggled with drug addiction for years and openly admits that he does not remember filming 3 years of the show.

13. Matt LeBlanc had two DUI's and has admitted to having relations with an aggressive stripper. (Why is this not surprising?)

14.The frame around the peephole in Monica’s apartment originally had a mirror in it. It was broken by a crew member during the early stages of filming, but producers thought it looked good so they left it.