13 Weird Things Dancers Do

13 Weird Things Dancers Do

"Normal people" just don't understand.

Dancers have always been classified as different than "normal people." We can kick our head with our leg, we strap death traps called pointe shoes on our feet, and we can learn choreography in the blink of an eye. Dancers develop these strange little habits that foster some interesting looks from the general public. Here are just a few weird things that dancers do that "normal people" just don't get.

1. We prefer to sit on the floor.

Chairs are just so confining. I need room to stretch out my legs.

2. We don't like to wear shoes.

Barefoot is better.

3. We dance in public places.

If you have never done a leap down the aisle of a grocery store (or at least wanted to), can you even call yourself a dancer?

4. We go to parties purely to dance.

Normal people bob to the music while casually conversing with other party-goers. Then, there's me in the corner, jamming out by myself.

5. We put our legs on stuff.

The kitchen counter is actually meant for stretching our legs.

6. We work out in addition to dancing.

"You don't need to workout, you dance." - every non-dancer ever.

7. We spend hours in an empty room.

When you think about it, dance studios are really just empty rooms with mirrors in them, but dancers can't get enough of them.

8. We wear spandex basically all the time.

You are #fancy when you are wearing jeans.

9. We voluntarily put ourselves in pain.

Bruises, blisters, and soreness are part of the daily routine. No pain, no gain.

10. We do weird little movements when we are thinking about dance.

In your mind, you are doing the choreography full-out, but what it actually looks like is some weird head twitching and hand gestures.

11. We leap over puddles.

Why step over a puddle when a full-on grand jete is so much more fun?

12. We penche to pick things up.

When you lean over, the leg just naturally goes up.

13. We choose dance over everything else.

No, I can't skip dance to hang out with you (and I don't want to).

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If I Had One Million Dollars

What would you do if you won a million dollars?

It's a snow day, and I'm incredibly bored and I have a daily writing prompt journal that I've been writing in today. One of the questions was "if you won a million dollars, what would you buy first?" So I decided to write a list of what I'd buy and in the order I'd buy them. This will come in handy later when I win a million dollars!

1. Pay off my debt.

I'd pay off my car, my credit card debt, and all of my school debt. Yes, I want to help others, but I need to make sure all my stuff is taken care of before I help them!

2. Pay off my parent's debt.

My parents have done so much for me in my life time so theres no question about paying off all their debt and making sure they're set.

3. Pay off my sister's debt.

I'd pay off her car and make sure I set money aside for her to finish college!

4. Buy my dream car.

That all white, 4 door, hard top, Jeep Wrangler is calling my name and I deserve it.

5. Buy my Dad his dream car/truck.

My dad has had a lot of different pick up trucks in my life time (well, 3) but he deserves the best of the best!

6. Take care of my Grandparents.

All four of my Grandparents are retired and in (or almost in) their early 80's. They have been my biggest fans my entire life, so I would absolutely make sure that I have money for them if they need it.

7. Take a Trip.

I'd pay for a super nice family trip somewhere! It'd be so fun to travel for a week or two without financial limitations!

8. Donate and give back.

I'd find a cause or charity that I really liked and donate a significant amount of money. Or I'd find a local youth sports league or high school and pay for all new equipment or uniforms or anything they needed.

9. Buy my dream house.

I'd find a house that I love, that's on the water with a big yard and I'd decorate it or fix it up! I'm not opposed to a fixer upper, just something that I love and will want to spend the rest of my life there.

10. Buy vacation properties.

I'd love to buy a small cabin somewhere on a lake in the woods. I'd also love to buy property in Wilmington, NC in the downtown area. I'd also love to buy a beach house somewhere. None of these need to be huge or luxurious, just with enough room for me and a few others!

11. Buy an RV.

Doesn't have to be expensive or big just something that I could use to travel around the United States with.

12. Make sure my friends and other family members are financially stable.

I have a few really close friends that I'd want to make sure are okay and as well as some of my family!

13. Buy the rest of my dream vehicles.

An old Ford Bronco, a two door soft top jeep, a small pick up truck. All super inexpensive just fun to drive!

14. Invest money.

Not sure where I'd invest my money. Probably just sticking with buying and renting property.

15. Concert Tickets.

I go to a lot of concerts. So I would definitely go all out with the shows.

Of course there are so many things to do when you win a million dollars but these are the first things that come to mind for me! I'll probably never have a million dollars, but its fun to dream, right?

Cover Image Credit: Flickr.com

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10 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Reduce Your Waste

Steps To A "Zero-Waste" Life

While browsing YouTube over the summer, I stumbled upon a few videos with “Zero-Waste Life” in the title. They piqued my interest and I clicked on one. Then another. And another. These videos were filmed by numerous people who live without creating any trash. They were documenting their experiences living this lifestyle. I became fascinated with the movement and I continued to learn more about it.

Quite honestly, I am not even close to living a zero waste life. However, this movement has allowed me to become more aware of how much I toss in the trash. Becoming Zero Waste doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long process, but every little bit counts. Here are some small changes you can make to reduce how much you toss in the trash:

1. Know What You’re Throwing Out

I honestly had never really thought about what I was throwing out. Once I started to think twice about it, I realized how much I could reduce and reuse.

2. Buy a Reusable Water Bottle

Not only does this save so much plastic, but I also found that I am drinking more water throughout the day because the bottle I carry with me is a constant reminder.

3. Bring Your Own Bags to the Grocery Store

Keep them in your car so that you’re never stuck without them.

4. Start Using a Bamboo Toothbrush

It’s a simple switch from plastic that is so much more Eco-friendly

5. Store your Leftovers in Reusable Containers

I know it is tempting to wrap everything in Ziploc bags, but purchasing a few mason jars will seriously reduce how much you throw away.

6. Grocery Shop in Bulk

People who live zero-waste eat so much better than the rest of us. Think about it--they don’t eat anything out of a package.

7. Start Using a Stainless Steel Straw

We don’t think twice about the small piece of plastic that we drink our beverages from. It seems insignificant. However, in the US alone, 500 million plastic straws are used and thrown away every. single. day.

8. Bamboo Utensils

Stop wasting plastic utensils every day and start carrying a portable set of sustainable and reusable utensils.

9. Use a shampoo bar

If you’re like me and you use up your shampoo like it’s nobody's business, consider using a shampoo bar that comes without the packaging.

10. Make your coffee at home

Or carry a reusable cup with you to the coffee shop--you’ll reduce your waste and get a discount too.

Cover Image Credit: zero.waste.nest

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