Am I the only one who feels personally victimized by the unrealistic expectations Boy Meets World set for all millenials? Seriously, where is Mr. Feeny? Does he exist?

College. You never really know what to expect. But let's be real, you can definitely expect to have these professors:

1.The Socially Awkward Professor

2. The Boring Old School Professor

3. The Overly Enthusiastic Professor

4. The Pushover Professor

5. The Insanely Strict Professor

6. The Arrogant Professor

7. The Political Professor

8. The Favorite Professor

9. The Foreign Professor

*When this professor asks you a question after lecturing for an hour*

10. The Laid Back Professor

11. The Bitter/low key alcoholic professor

12. The Motivational Professor

13. The teacher that never replies to your emails