13 Times You Realized College Has Turned You Into A Grandma Four Decades Too Early
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Student Life

13 Times You Realized College Has Turned You Into A Grandma Four Decades Too Early

Here are the signs that you have the mentality of someone in their 60s, while thriving in the body of a 20-year-old.

13 Times You Realized College Has Turned You Into A Grandma Four Decades Too Early
Arne Heggestad

There are numerous stereotypes surrounding the "college experience." The definitive standards for all students attending college include late nights, Thirsty Thursday's, relentless stress and worries, huge friend groups, constant social engagements, weeknight parties, and weekend parties, right? Wrong. Sometimes coming to college actually tames a student rather than unleashing an incredibly wild side.

Here are 13 times that you realized college has turned you into a grandma:

1. You purposely sign up for 8 a.m. classes every semester.

The early bird gets the worm, right?!

2. You value the quality of friends over quantity of friends.

3. People come to you for advice about all kinds of problems.

Even if you can't solve every problem you are faced with, you always offer insightful advice and an eager pair of listening ears to your friend.

4. You prefer coffee shops to bars.

5. You must do a thorough background check on your bestie's new boyfriend.

What are his intentions? What is his dream job? How soon can you meet him?

6. You treasure time spent with family.

7. You have your own style and aren't afraid to flaunt it.

8. You would rather stay home over Spring Break than travel to Panama City Beach like the rest of the university.

9. A scheduled bedtime is necessary.

10. You always make time to read.

Outside of completing assignments for class.

11. You realize and appreciate the true value of education.

12. Quiet nights spent inside are ideal.

No Thirsty Thursday participation from you.

13. You loathe bad weather.

Walking to class in anything other than sunny and warm just sucks.

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