13 Times "Sex and The City" Narrarated Every Womans Life at Least Once
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13 Times "Sex and The City" Narrarated Every Womans Life at Least Once

Sex and the City has spoken to our souls and that's the cold hard truth.

13 Times "Sex and The City" Narrarated Every Womans Life at Least Once

I was talking last week about how obsessed with "Sex and The city" I am and the obsession has yet to cease. Here are 13 times Sex and the City has narrated my life or my thoughts.

This should be the motto for my life.

Every girl needs her friends- the ultimate support system. My girls always have my back. Shoutout to my Little Kristina, My Big Megan, and my girlfriends.

Do you, girlfriend, don't let others judge you.

Welcome to womanhood, my friends. Like I mentioned earlier, don't let people judge you. Who gives a flying rats arse about what everyone else thinks of you! Miranda totally told off her housekeeper in this episode for replacing her vibrator and condoms with Jesus.

Don't get yourself down over anything. I've learned in my short 19 years that sometimes we mess up, and that's okay. As Dory says- just keep swimming.

I try to remind myself that sometimes, its best just to laugh at those terrible situations.

My love for shoes has grown so much over recent years, and I wish I could afford half the shoes Carrie owns. Props to her for her priorities. I like living with my roommates and having a place to sleep.

Now that I'm single, I might as well have this tattooed on my face. Not really, but I am getting my first tattoo next week.

Following the previous picture, I feel like this is something we all need to remember. Never settle, go for what you want and don't stop till you get it.

I LOVE this one. Preach it Samantha.

It's okay to date! So many people have this mentality that if you start dating or casually seeing someone it has to become serious, it doesn't. We are allowed to date, it's the 21st century, ladies.

I've got way too many crazy voices going through my head not to listen to this one.

Last but not least, your girlfriends are the ones who will never leave your side. Shoutout to my perfect Little, who made it through my mourning phase of my "Mr. Big."

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