Ah, tis the season for gifts.

Although Christmas Day has passed, you can be sure to receive a few more gifts from those you didn't see on the big day. As we speak, I'm wrapping up my gifts and preparing for Christmas morning (hence, the short article.) However, as much as we all love receiving gifts, we've all had that awkward moment of faking our enthusiasm. As we all know, sometimes it truly is the thought that counts- so here are 13 things you can say if you're not feeling your gift- but as always, remember to be kind!

1. Wow! It's so unique!

2. Thank you, you shouldn't have!

3. Oh my gosh! I've wanted (insert lame gift here) for so long!

4. You know me so well!

5. I love it!

6. Thank you so much, I'm so excited to wear it/use it/return it- I mean brag about it!

7. Where'd you get this? It's fantastic!

8. Aw (insert name here) I told you that you didn't need to get me anything!

9. It's awesome, I don't have anything like it!

10. Stop, how'd you know??!

11. I'm too spoiled this year, thank you!

12. When I looked at the wrapping paper I knew this one was a winner!

13. You're the queen/king/god/goddess of gift giving!

Happy faking!