13 Things People With Freckles Face Every Day

13 Things People With Freckles Face Every Day

It's a crumb! It's a pimple! It's a freckle!

Freckles. They come in every shape, size and color. But don't play it too safe! From those annual dermatologist visits to the constant reminder of how bad your skin will become if sunscreen isn't a necessity, we all have been there. Here are 13 things that people with freckles have faced at least once in their life... okay let's be serious EVERY DAY!?!

1. The reproduction of freckles gets intense when the sun hits

Thirty minutes in the sun for us is like spending an eternity in a tanning bed for others.

2. The dermatologist is on speed dial

"Um, so sorry to interrupt your dinner, but I have a strange freckle on my big toe, HELP ME! AM I GOING TO DIE!?!"

3. Constant reminder by the elderly to wear sunscreen

"I hear this every day from my mother.... and you aren't her so I would shush!"

4. ABCD has a completely different meaning to you

ABCDEFG, I might have skin cancer, was I too carefree?

5. Rashguards/T-Shirts are your best friends at the pool

Don't even get me started on the 'lovely' tan lines. It brings all the boys to the yard!

5. Your friends try connecting the dots

You wake up with a sharpie mustache on your face, then you later find out that it is a connect the dots mustache.

6. Sunscreen is found in all your makeup

Forget SPF 20, that is for the rookies, hand me the SPF 115.

7. Your friends attempt to count them all

Hahahhahahhahah... nice try.

8. "You should get that one checked out"

This constant reminder makes me question humanity.... LIKE GIRL, I GET MY YEARLY CHECK UPS!?!

9. Putting on foundation is like putting on a new face

Why hasn't someone invented foundation for people with freckles!?!

10. You want to show off your freckles but you still need some serious concealer

Wondering where the eff your freckles went. You're a whole new person.

11. You are constantly told you are 'cute'

"Ah, okay we got it."

12. You sit there in the mirror wondering if its a pimple or a freckle

After thirty minutes of staring in the mirror, you give up and put acne medicine all over your face because spot treating is impossible!

13. "Will I ever turn into a big freckle?"

"I wonder if all my freckles come together, I might be one big one."

Now, don't be ashamed of your cute spots, or what I like to call 'angel kisses.' Embrace them and be different... just don't forget the sunscreen... it's VITAL!

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8 Mom And Dad Christmas Gift Ideas Even The MOST Picky Parent Will Love

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With Christmas on the horizon and Black Friday in our past, it is time to start buying gifts to those you love the most. Out of everyone I shop for, my parents are the hardest to shop for.

With these ideas, hopefully, it becomes less difficult for you.

1. Amazon Alexa or Echo Dot 

My whole family lives by our Alexa's and Echo's. When I'm in my room my mom can call my echo from her echo in her room across the house and ask me a question. They can create shopping lists, tell you the weather, read your daily schedule, and much more. This is perfect for the family that is always running around and just need another form to run their busy schedule.

2. A Netflix or Hulu Subscription 

As a college student, I pay for Netflix and Hulu so I can watch my movies and regular TV shows without having to purchase a TV. With that being said, My parents have acquired my password on the home TV and every so often I get a pop-up screen telling me I cannot watch due to others being on the account.

So getting them their own Netflix account, even if It is for one tv at a time, would be a lifesaver for not only your parents but yourself.

3. A winery or beer tasting tour 

Every parent needs a drink after dealing with their children day in and day out. I know my parents would love to have a getaway to a beautiful winery, away from us nagging teenagers.

These tours can range from $5 and up, but its so worth the extra pennies. Not to mention the beautiful views.

4. Concert tickets

I know my parents would love to go to a concert or any event of that matter without dragging my sister and brother along. A date night that's not just to their favorite food spot would make them so appreciative.

They take care of us every day, even when we're being little jerks. They deserve a night to themselves drinking, singing and dancing without us there watching their every move.

5. A nice bottle of wine or liquor 

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6. A gift card to anywhere 

If you really cannot decide what to get them our you cannot decide on one single item, a gift card is always the way to go. They can pick out anything they want and there's no way that they can't like it because they picked it out.

7. Sports team gear

Professional sports team gear can get expensive. So buying it for random reasons, does not make sense. What better day to buy your dad the Saquon Barkley jersey then Christmas.

8. New home appliances

Although some parents might not like this, a new Kitchenaid mixer or a new coffee machine would be amazing to get in my eyes.

Although it's not the most sought after gift, it will remind them of you for years to come when they use it every day.

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