13 Things All Beagle Owners Know To Be True
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13 Things All Beagle Owners Know To Be True

You just can't help but love them.

13 Things All Beagle Owners Know To Be True

We all love our furry canine friends -- their unconditional love, their big puppy eyes, and their sweet snuggles. And beagles are among the sweetest, in my opinion. I have owned two beagles, and they're definitely unique dogs. And only a beagle owner could truly understand just how special these sweet dogs are.

1.They are noisy.

Photo via Beagles in My Kitchen

The beagle my family had when I was younger was also mixed with a basset hound, so he would howl all night. The beagle we have now barks all night. No matter what sound your beagle prefers to make, they are noisy. Or maybe they're just very social.

2.They dig.

Photo viaWordpress

Walking through your backyard is like walking through a minefield. Always watch your step lest you fall into one of your beagle's traps. Do they dig for fun? To catch something? To escape? Probably all of the above, but we are pushovers and just fill it in instead of getting angry. They're just little kids.

3. They seek to get as dirty as possible.

Photo viaPinterest

One word that will strike fear into all beagle owners... mud. It doesn't matter if you have just given them a bath, they love to be outside and will run straight to the dirtiest, muddiest area they can find and roll around in it. Then they beg to come into your house. Sorry, buddy. Just kidding, come on in and snuggle.

4.They smell like hound dog, even right after a bath.

Photo viabeaglehappy

They roll around in the mud so much that the smell is just embedded into them. And they will want to come in and roll around on all of your furniture, making your living room smell like dog. But you let them because, duh, they're your precious perfect baby.

5.The ears and the big eyes are hypnotic.

Photo via The Times

They have the cutest baby faces. They always look like puppies, even when they're old, with their big beautiful eyes and floppy ears that go all over the place when they run. They are just so precious that you can never be mad at them... even when they dig up the yard, beg all night, and steal your food. They're too cute.

6. They're kissers.

Photo via imgfave

They are not dangerous and would never bite you, but they will lick you and will not stop. They are such affectionate little dogs, and want your love and snuggles.

7. They always want to play.

Photo viaBeinnein

Whether they love to play tug of war, fetch, or just have you chase them around the yard, beagles are playful. They just love to have fun.

8.They are always hungry.

Photo via Pinterest

On top of being eternally hungry, they will also eat anything. Literally anything. Regardless of whether it is edible or not.

9. They are hilarious.

They do the strangest things. Mine will wear birthday hats at birthday parties without complaining. He also knows how to open the gate and the back storm door all by himself so he can come and go as he pleases. He naps in a flower pot. They all have their quirks.

10.They are sweet and loving, no matter what.

Photo via imgfave

Even if you yell at them, they will look at you with those sweet puppy-dog eyes that just seem to say, "I'm sorry, I love you," and will never hold a grudge against you. They are great forgivers, and the truest lovers.

11. They all act like little hunters.

Photo viaPinterest

As soon as the leaves start to fall, my beagle feels like he must chase, tree, or catch everything. From birds to moles to squirrels to possums, no other creature is safe. Buster will find you.

12.They can always make you smile.

Photo via jwbeagle

No matter how bad your day has been or how stressed out you are, there is no feeling like coming home to a beagle. They'll run right into your arms, and all your worries will melt away. They always seem to understand, and always know the right amount of kisses needed to cheer you up.

13.They always want to be with you and love on you.

Photo via dogsy2u

Beagles are the most loyal dogs, and will never leave your side. They wish they could be with you every second, and when you come home, whether it is after five weeks or five minutes, they act like they haven't seen you in years. They are always so happy to see you and to be playing with you, cuddling with you, or just sitting with you at all times. As long as you're there, they are happy.

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