13 Songs To Bring Out Your Inner Edgy Teenager

13 Songs To Bring Out Your Inner Edgy Teenager

Throwback to middle school anthems

Middle school was the time for emo/edgy anthems. Now it's 2017, and I'm here to remind all our inner edgy teenagers about songs we used to (and maybe still do) worship.

1. "Welcome To The Black Parade" ~ My Chemical Romance

The best way to start such a list is of course with the song that every edgy teen had (and still has) memorized. MCR may have broken up four years ago, but we'll never forget them.

2. "Scars" ~ Papa Roach

I'm only slightly embarrassed to discuss how many times I've rocked out to this song, and I'm only referring to last week.

3. "Hate Me" ~ Blue October

I first heard this song on the radio in fourth grade, and, for some reason, absolutely fell in love with it. Of course, at the time I was only hearing it on the radio, so it was the censored version. As a fourth grader who didn't know they drop the F-Bomb at some point, I was really confused when my music teacher looked so shocked when I said how much I loved it and knew every word.

4. "Misery Business" ~ Paramore

What teenage girl didn't know all the words to this one? I still remember Rock Band sessions at sleepovers with middle school besties as we all jammed out together.

5. "Thnks fr th Mmrs" ~ Fall Out Boy

Ah, the good ol' days before FOB went on a nine year hiatus and left us all hanging.

6. "Bring Me To Life" ~ Evanescence

Holy crap how did I forget to mention this one until now? I still remember watching the music video for this and being so confused by what was going on.

7. "Caraphernelia" ~ Pierce The Veil

Maybe this one isn't everyone's favorite, but it was my first PTV song so it will always be special to me.

8. "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" ~ Green Day

I don't think there was a single person in my middle school that didn't know this one.

9. "Fat Lip" ~ Sum 41

Okay, I'll be honest - I threw this one in in hopes my friend, Emma, reads this. She definitely gets the prize for knowing all the words and being able to perform the minute it starts playing.

10. "Revenge" ~ Plain White T's

This song may have come out in 2005, but I didn't discover it until my sophomore year of high school. Either way, it quickly became another favorite of mine.

11. "In The End" ~ Linkin Park

Let's be honest - this song was more than just a song. It's now the basis of so many terrible musical puns.

12. "Creep" ~ Radiohead

This is another song I discovered years after it's release (mainly because I wasn't alive in 1993), but it's still one I enjoy today.

13. "Do It Now Remember It Later" ~ Sleeping With Sirens

Ahh, my very first SWS song. I remember hearing this and thinking it was the most badass thing ever to sing about how you'll do whatever you want whenever you want. Yeah, I was an easily impressed child.

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Need something new to watch?

When you finish a show on Netflix or Hulu, you feel like you don't know what to do next. You just dedicated endless hours of your life to this show, and now it's just... over. Then, if you're anything like me, you go back to the shows you've seen one hundred times. You know the ones; Friends, Parks and Recreation, The Office, etc. Finding something new is tough because you never think whatever you choose will live up to the series you just ended.

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Disclaimer: This article was written in April 2018 and some of these shows might be taken off the platforms listed in the future.

Cover Image Credit: Wikipedia

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Sorry, Coachella, It Was Beychella This Year

The numerous ways Beyoncé slayed my life.

Last week, the queen herself--Beyoncé Giselle Knowles--performed at Coachella. Bey slayed Coachella with her superb performance and snatched each and every one of our edges. If you aren’t a woman of color, then your baby hairs. Your baby hairs left earth and disappeared after Beyoncé’s performance last weekend.

Let me give you a glimpse into the past and take a brief moment to remember when I first set my young eyes on Beyoncé. At the ripe age of seven years old, I watched “Dreamgirls”; if you haven’t seen the movie, “Dreamgirls," I’m sorry. “Dreamgirls” woke me up from the dreadful years of my life when I wasn’t listening to Beyoncé and fundamentally changed me.

After “Dreamgirls," I became literally obsessed. Her vocals were astonishing. I never heard anyone sing and perform as well as my queen Beyoncé did. “How is she real?” is all I could say as a small child. I remember singing along to “Irreplaceable” as a tween and screeching the high notes, giving my flop-worthy performance as the star within me was shining through.

Every night as a child, I would lay in bed and dream of the day I would finally see the queen B. At 18 years old, I had the chance to see Beyoncé perform live at TCF Bank Stadium, and all my childhood dreams came to life. Beyoncé’s performance changed me and I thank the queen for that. At that concert, I was shaking the booty that God didn’t give me and also crying within, so as to not embarrass myself by outwardly crying. She met every expectation I ever had and I was so happy, I couldn’t stop smiling for days.

I sadly wasn’t able to attend Coachella last week because being a poor college student is an actual job. That being said, I watched every video online relating to her performance. My jaw dropped in absolute awe. Beyoncé is the slay master, the queen; forget about Coachella, it was Beychella this year. Beyoncé looked like a ray of sunshine with her flattering hooded crop top. This woman is 36 years old with three children and her body is unimaginable. She’s the definition of body goals, and I dream to look as good as Beyoncé in life.

Shockingly, Beyoncé brought out the lovely ladies of Destiny’s Child and performed one of their song's for the audience. If I was at Coachella, I would be found on the ground crying to the beautiful harmonies of “Say My Name." Beyoncé performed her new hits and old hits, allowing me to twerk in my bedroom to the classic and current jams. Beyoncé grabbed my torn soul and held it in her hands while I watched her wonderful Coachella performance.

Thank you, Beyoncé, for performing at Coachella, even changing your outfit several times during your set and still slaying. I wasn’t physically present at Coachella, but in spirit, I was dancing in a field of crowded individual's to “Crazy In Love." Thank you, Beyoncé for slaying Coachella like we all expected and bringing back Destiny’s Child for the performance. Beyoncé, one day I’ll meet you and it’ll be the best day of my life, but for now, I will watch all of your live performances and cry from pure joy.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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