13 Signs You May be a Hoarder

13 Signs You May be a Hoarder

But don't worry - it's not just you.

As most people in my life know, I don't like to throw things away. I have old trophies, old kids books, old papers... I can admit it, I'm kind of a hoarder. But I know I'm not alone! So here are some signs that you may also be a hoarder:

1. Cleaning your room is so difficult that you hardly ever find the time to do it.

Let's face it, cleaning up your room isn't fun. But for a hoarder like myself, it's almost impossible. Where do I put all the things? The attic is already full of old clothes and papers! Where else can it all go?!?!

2. It's difficult to walk in your room (at home or at college).

If you're like me, you may have a path from door to bed. Sometimes I actually have to climb over my bed to get to some of my things because the path does not extend the entire length of my room - if I did that, where would my things go?

3. No matter what age you are, you have a crazy amount of things from your childhood.

I'm only 21 and I have an entire drawer (a DEEP drawer) filled with old memories. Old pocket knives, a Frisbee from a friend's wedding, pictures my friends drew me, notes we used to pass back and forth in middle school. And that's just that one drawer. Don't get me started on the things hidden in my closet.

4. For some more examples, every paper/test/note from every class you have ever taken... ever.

Never know when you might need that stuff for college, or your job, right? That essay you wrote about dogs in fifth grade is a for-sure keeper.

5. And all tickets/programs to every event you have ever attended.

What kind of monster throws away such things? Who doesn't want to remember that you saw Horton Hears a Who 3 separate times in 2008? Or, hey, remember that time you went to the school play? No? I have the program right here! Just in case.

6. Did I mention you also never throw away clothes?

Maybe in a pinch you'll donate some (mostly those you never even bothered to try on), but those T-shirts from elementary school with all the cats on it? Keeping it forever.

7. Or books. Never books.

It would be offensive to throw away books. Maybe donation if you're desperate for space... but only if you need it for more books. And even then, you can probably just buy another book shelf.

8. You keep all old electronics and chargers... just in case.

You never know. Maybe your phone breaks! And your back up phone. And the back up to that back up. It's not crazy to keep it all. Even if you can't remember what cords go to what phones anymore.

9. Garage sales are like a drug for you.

So many things, all so cheap... how do you not go home with a trunk full of stuff you'll probably never use?

10. No matter how bad it gets, throwing away anything is just not your style.

Nothing gets tossed out. Everything has meaning. Even the bookmark your best friend gave to you and stapled 100 times - what do you mean I should probably just get rid of it? DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND WHY IT IS SO SPECIAL?

11. Which forces your friends to have multiple interventions about the state of your living situation.

I understand I'm a tad "cluttered," but really, what's the big deal? So I have piles of stuff. And if you touch the piles, everything collapses, and I never pick it up. And dust starts to settle on the pile. Your point?

12. But although you may never look at it again in your life, the things you keep stashed away are incredibly important.

It doesn't matter if the note from middle school talked about nothing important, and it doesn't matter if it's socked away in a drawer forever - it's still important. It still matters enough to keep.

13. You tend to believe people just don't understand - if they did, they would be hoarders, too.

There is a compulsion to keep old memories alive, and a lot of us can't help but hold on. And if that's you, it's okay. You aren't alone!

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Cover Image Credit: Just For Laughs-Chicago

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